Bridge To Healing-Your Core Color

July 16th, 2016 | Posted by Velda in COLORS

Bridge to Healing - Your Core Color

It is so fascinating to think about the vibrational energy of color.  In the book Cell-Level Healing-The Bridge from Soul to Cell, author Joyce Whitely Hawkes, Ph.D., shares about our Core Color.  She describes it as a beacon of inner light that is one of the sources of healing for our cells, translating the frequency vibrations of health to the body.  The author illustrates some Core Colors shown below and possible corresponding attributes.  You may also find other interpretations regarding the healing qualities of the different colors.

Bridge to Healing - Your Core Colors

I have included several methods that the author suggests to use when wanting to identify your Core Color.  It might be helpful to know that The Core Color is perceived as a cylinder of light above the full length of the spine.

Bridge to Healing - Your Core ColorIdentifying Bridge To Healing

•  During meditation, you may see a bright color inside your head.  Deepen your meditation to focus on the inside of your body in the area just above the spine.  If the color persists, you can work with is as your Core Color.

•  At times, you may be flooded with compassion, clarity, or insight, or all of these qualities at once.  If there is an accompanying color, the quality and the color will be linked vibrationally.

•  Someone else may become aware of your Core Color (for example during a healing session).  When you are in touch with your true Core Color, you will feel joyful, peaceful, and full of energy.

•  You may want to construct your own chart and notice your personal relationship with color.