Tuesday's Healing Words Nurture Talents

Definition of talent - natural aptitude or skill. 

Tuesday's Healing Words Nurtur Talent

Excerpts from the book, Touchstones:

~author Charlene Costanzo

“The gift of talent includes many special abilities…

We discover them as we grow and develop. 

A tree is an apt symbol of talent. 

The trunk represents the overall gift of talent. 

The branches represent our many growing special abilities. 

A tree in bloom symbolizes that our special abilities are being used.”Tuesday's Healing Words Nurture Talent

 “Hide not your talents, they for use were made,

               What’s a sun-dial in the shade?”

                          ~ Benjamin Franklin

       ”True happiness involves the full use of

                       one’s  power and talents.”

                              ~John W. Gardner

Tuesday's Healing Words Nurture Talent