Color Energizing the Spinal Chakras

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Color Energizing The Spinal Chakras

Energizing the chakras can be accomplished with a simple hands-on visualization technique found in The Complete Book of Color Healing by Lilian Verner-Bonds.  The chakras are often described as a rotating wheel or vortex of energy.  In the following exercise you may find it helpful to visualize them as such:

Color Energizing the Spinal Chakras1.  Close your eyes and visualize the color corresponding to the chakra you wish to enliven.

2.  Place both hands over your eyes and visualize that particular color flowing into the palms of your hands and energizing them.

3.  Now put both hands over the chakra area on the front of your body and visualize the color following into the body, directing the color through to the spinal chakra point. (See illustration)

4.  Repeat the same procedure for any or all of the remaining chakras, usually for three minutes at a time, to align, restore, harmonize, and balance, as desired.

5.  Remember, this simple exercise  can be used to give an overall boost to the system, focus healing on a specific area of the body, or to strengthen the dimension of life associated with a particular chakra.

Color Candle Rainbow Healing

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Color Candle Rainbow Healing

Candle therapy can be used to unite the powers of mind, body, and spirit. Lilian Verner-Bonds shares in her book, The Complete Book of Color Healing, lighting a colored candle releases energy into the atmosphere.  The color vibration is absorbed into the auric field and transmitted into the physical body.  It is an interesting fact that the colors of our seven major chakras are also the rainbow colors.

The following exercise called, Super Rainbow Candle Healing, is found in the author’s book:

Color Candle Rainbow Healing1.  Place a candle for each of the seven chakra colors in a semi-circle in front of you starting from left to right (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo, & purple).  The candles can be placed on the floor or on a table.

2.   Sit quietly for a few moments in order to prepare yourself to receive. Light the candles, starting with red (Root Chakra) and ending with purple (Crown Chakra).

3.  Beginning with the central green candle (Heart Chakra), gaze upon each flame for one minute at a time. Then move to the red candle at the left followed by the purple candle on the right.  Continue by going to the orange then to the indigo. Complete the process by going to the yellow and  finishing with the light blue.  This  will take seven minutes. (See illustration for gazing order).

4.  While the rainbow candles remain burning, embrace all the colors.  Accept the guidance from your higher-self  as to which colors need revisiting.  Continue for another ten minutes, finishing with the green candle (Heart Chakra) to balance your system.Color Candle Rainbow Healing

5.  Extinguish the candles in order starting with the red ending with purple (It is recommended to use candle snuffer or home-made tin foil cone).  In candle healing it is suggested not to use your breath to blow out healing candles.

6.  Sit quietly for three minutes with your eyes closed, to complete healing.


Color Acupressure & EO for BroncitisFollowing yesterday’s color acupressure technique for asthma, lets continue today  working on bronchitis and chest colds with color acupressure.  This technique and many others can be found in Lilian Verner-Bonds Book, The Complete Book of Color Healing. 

Here are the directions (same as the Asthma Technique)

1.  Locate color pressure point on hands and start gentle pressure.  It doesn’t make any difference which hand is treated first.

2.  Close your eyes and visualize you are running Indigo color into the pressure point.

3.  Repeat the color counseling affirmation (at the bottom of illustration).

4.  Continue treatment for five minutes at a time.  More serious conditions may require attention three times a day until relief is attained.

Color Acupressure & EO for Bronchitis


Eucalyptus Globulus

Following are the benefits for including Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil to your color acupressure technique for bronchitis.

Medical Properties:  Expectorant, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.

Uses:  Respiratory/sinus infections and decongestant.

Fragrant Influence:  It promotes health, well-being, purification, and healing.

Application:  Directly inhale or diffuse.

It is important to always use 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil.


Color Acupressure for AsthmaI wanted to review in the next few days some of the Color Acupressure techniques shown in Lilian Verner-Bonds book, The Complete Book of Color Healing, because it is asthma and cold season.

Color Acupressure Directions:

1.  Locate the  hands color pressure points as shown on the illustration.  Take the left hand and start a gentle pressure on the right hand.

2.  Close your eyes and visualize running the healing color orange in each of the three acupressure points on both hands.

3.  Repeat the color counseling affirmation.  Continue treatment for five minutes at a time.  It may be that only one application is required.  More serious conditions may require attention three times a day until relief is attained.

Tomorrow we will look at Bronchitis Color Acupressure Healing


Color Acupressure Points for MigrainesLilian Verner-Bonds’ The Complete Book of Color Healing explains how to help relieve migraines by self-administering color acupressure along with repeating a healing affirmation.

Below are the Color Acupressure Directions for Migraines:

1.  The healing color to visualize for migraine acupressure is indigo.  It can help to spend a little time looking at the color of indigo before starting the treatment.

2.  Locate the pressure points (see illustration), then close your eyes and begin visualizing the healing color of indigo as you start gently apply pressure to each of the points shown.

3.  Repeat the following affirmation:  I am free from restriction.  I can plan the very best for myself.  I am loved.

4.  Continue treatment for five minutes at a time.  Migraines may require attention three times a day until relief is attained.

Watch for more Color Acupressure in the Future.