TripleWarmer/Spleen Balancing Hug

It is very important we help our Triple Warmer and Spleen have a balanced relationship. Triple Warmer is our survival mechanism. The Spleen processes everything physical and emotional and very much cares about the quality and harmony in our life.  Triple Warmer and Spleen sit across from each other on the meridian wheel so they pull energy from each other. Usually Triple Warmer  is hogging all the energy from the Spleen.  Sedating Triple Warmer and strengthening Spleen (and keeping them balanced) is one of the core concepts and practices of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine.

I invite you to start practicing the following Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug Exercise:Triple Warmer/Spleen Balancing Hug

Start with Right Hand – To Support Immune System

1.  Place your right hand under your left breast, the fingers are wrapping the rib cage resting on the Spleen
Neurolymphatic point.

Triple Warmer/Spleen Balancing HugThen with Left Hand – To Calm Stressed Body

2.  Place your left hand so that the fingers are resting on
the back of your arm just above the elbow. Hold this
position for a couple of minutes.

3.  You can switch to the other side if you like.

4.  This is great to do anytime you would normally want
to cross your arms. 

Triple Warmer/Spleen Balancing Hug