Does Your Aura Need Massaged?

September 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

Does Your Aura Need Massaged

Massaging the aura by spinning in circles is one of five Tibetan exercises in the yogic tradition used to energize life force.

Does Your Aura Need Massaged1.  To do this exercise, stand erect, with your arms out horizontally and hands opened as shown in illustration.  If holding arms up is uncomfortable, let your arms hang loosely down at your sides.

2.  Focus on a fixed point in front of you.  Begin spinning around, as you did when you were a child, turning clockwise.  Each time you make a complete turn, bring your focus back to a fixed point on the wall in front of you. Breathe normally throughout this exercise.

3.  Try to spin a minimum of eleven times.  Turn at a comfortable speed for you.  If you become dizzy, stop.   You will be able to build up speed and increase spins up to twenty-one times with practice. (Please do not exceed twenty-one spins.)

4.  After spinning, lie down.  You will continue to experience spinning sensations.  This is fine.  Allow yourself to go deeper and feel your life force surging with energy.