Messages From Repetitive Numbers

December 28th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in NUMBER POWER

Messages From Repetitive Numbers

Why do I see repeating numbers?   I might be receiving messages delivered by my digital clocks.  This includes my clocks in the bedroom, kitchen, car, and on my cell phone.  I have been conscious of these repeating patterns for at least 15 years.  There are many theories, books and articles on what number sequences mean.  Many believe a recurring number is like a cosmic signal. It is the universe’s way of directing your attention to a pressing matter or theme in your life that you may be missing, forcing you to pay attention to the issue at hand. Others teach us that our spirit guides and angels are trying to get our attention and repeating numbers help to point us in the right direction.

Messages From Repetitive Numbers

If you keep seeing the same number over and over again, embrace the thought that you are being mentored. Take a moment and ask yourself what you have been thinking about prior to the exposure of this number. The repetitive number can actually be a sign of encouragement or reassurance.

Do not look for signs or avoid them, they happen naturally, and will deliver their message somehow. If you continually close your mind to the guidance of your spirit guides, they will stop trying, until you reach a time in your life when you are once again open to them.

Messages From Repetitive Numbers

The most common repetitive numbers seen and their interpretations by many intuitives and healers:

111, 1:11 or 11:11: Wakeup call.  Time for new beginning.

222 or 2:22: Seek balance.  Time to cooperate.

333 or 3:33: Align mind, body and soul.  Express yourself.

444 or 4:44: Home base calling.  Stay grounded.

555 or 5:55: Change is afoot.  Expect a turn of events.

666:  Selfless service to others.  Love of family, healing energy.

777:  Spiritual & mystical.  Seek the truth, meditate and go within.

888:  Set goals to achieve.  Work hard and remain ethical.

999:  Unconditional Love.  Time to forgive and let go.

Messages From Repetitive Numbers