Spirit Animal – Zebra

November 30th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in AFFIRMATIONS | ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES

Spirit Animal - Zebra

If ZEBRA shows up, it means:

1.  You are being reminded that there is more than one way of looking at things.  It is better to work toward a compromise than staying stuck in a right-versus-wrong standoff.

2.  Be willing to question your considered reality and any illusions you may have subscribed to, and in so doing, you will expand your consciousness.

3.  You are about to discover some useful knowledge that has been hidden.  Knowledge that will come to you without seeking, so simply be open to receiving.

Spirit Animal - Zebra

 Call on ZEBRA when:

1.  You are experiencing some conflict between expressing your individuality and being a member of a family, group, or community

2.  You are wanting to encourage harmonious interactions among members of groups or family.

3.  You need fresh and creative ways of looking at challenges.

4.  You’re feeling uncertain that the path you’re on is purposeful and you want to find out if it is.

Spirit Animal - Zebra


1.  You’re confident, balanced, and very capable of facing opposing forces and remaining stable and poised.

2.  You have considerable compassion and would make a very effective therapist.

3.  You enjoy a good challenge, as you see it as an opportunity for growth.

4.  You love exploring the mysteries and magic of the unseen world and are willing to experiment with varying ways of accessing that world.


Spirit Animal - Zebra