Wizard Healing Stones of Kapaemahu

October 30th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES

Nature's Gift - Wizard Stones of Kapaemaha

Nature's Gift - Wizard Stones of Kapaemaha

the Wizard Stones are said to contain the mana (power) of four wizards who came to Oahu from Tahiti a long time ago, possibly around 400 A.D. According to this ancient legend, the four wizards named Kahaloa, Kinohi, Kapuni and Kapaemahu possessed healing powers. The wizards told the people that they didn’t intend to stay on the island. Their intention was to heal, teach and share their knowledge before returning home.Monument consists of four large healing stones that according to an ancient legend possess the healing powers of four wizards who visited Oahu

On a full moon night thousands of islanders met on the hill behind the neighborhood of Kaimuki (about two miles away from Waikiki Beach) to move four large stones, each weighing a ton or more, to the place where the wizards lived, as monument in memory of their visit.  Today, these four stones are still there for people to see. They have been moved onto a platform and fenced in to protect and preserve them. Many visitors come to see the Wizards in Waikiki each day and bring a flower lei to honor these healing stones.This ancient site is located in the heart of Waikiki,

Nature's Gift Wizard Stones of Kapaemaha


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