nature's healing gift - babbling brook“The babbling brook would loose it’s song if you removed the rocks.” ~ Unknown

Being near a babbling brook soothes and heals as we listen to the lovely bubbly, gurgling sound.  It has been proven that the continuous murmuring sound of water flowing over stones is very relaxing.

When have you spent time by a babbling brook?  Try this exercise with me now. It requires the amazing ability to recall and use your childhood imagination.  Here is where the fun starts: 1. Stroll into this magnificent photo and find the stone you want to sit on. 2. Relax take in the beauty surrounding you and listen to the healing sounds. 3. If you wish accept a refreshing gift by dangling your feet in the cool mountain water.

I hope this encourages you to find a babbling brook or roaring stream to visit soon.


Animal Spirit Guides Turtles

The Turtle Spirit Guide is the symbol of Mother Earth, fertility, protection, support and security. Native Americans feel the Turtle has power to heal female diseases. Call on Turtle when you need to be more grounded or to slow down and pace yourself. Turtle can also be called on when you need help having more patience, setting boundaries, and developing creative ideas.

If a Turtle shows up real or in a dream, it means: Be self-reliant and less dependent on others. Take time to nurture yourself, then simply observe and feel your emotions. This is a very creative and fertile time. Shield yourself from interferences that threaten to distract you. Spend a few hours away from other people and noise that surrounds you. The wise Turtle knows when to pull inside her shell.

Animal Spirit Guide TurtleAffirmation for Turtle Medicine –

“I am open to moving with the flow of life that I will find fulfillment.”

This is the last of the series of the Jin Shin Jyutsu® 8 finger poses described by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte in their book The Touch of Healing. Today we will cover both Finger Pose 7 & 8 which stated in the book helps bring harmony to the total being.

finger pose 7 exhaling the dirt dust and grime

Finger Pose 7 aids in releasing general daily tension and stress from the head, lungs, digestive functions, abdomen, and legs. it also strengthens the ability to exhale and unloads any accumulated dirt, dust, and greasy grime.

Technique:  Touch the palm sides of the left and right middle fingers in the folded hands position (as shown in illustration). 

 Finger Pose 7 inhaling the purified breath of life

This last Finger Pose 8 helps to release the tension in the back and promotes an overall feeling of well-being.  It also strengthens our ability to inhale and receive the purified breath of life.

Technique:  Bring the left and right middle fingernails together (see illustration). Hold these positions for several minutes and whenever you feel a need for improving exhaling or inhaling for body, mind, and spirit harmony.

(Watch for future posts on Jin Shin Jyutsu® hand and feet sequences that address disharmonies affecting body, mind, and spirit.)


finger pose t breathing freely

Finger Pose 6 strengthens the respiratory function and helps balance all ear-related problems. This pose can help us breathe more easily while walking, jogging, running or exercising.  Jin Shin Jyutsu® Finger Pose 6 as mentioned in the book The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte also can be used when flying or driving in high altitudes.

Use Mudra Finger Pose 6 with any of the following physical or emotional conditions:  1. My skin condition is terrible. 2. I feel rejected and unloved and get teary easily. 3. I’m all thumbs. I’m clumsy. 4. I’ve lost all of my common sense. 5. My ears are bothering me.

Technique: Touch the right ring fingernail with the palm side of the thumb and hold for several minutes. Reverse for left ring finger and thumb.

(Tomorrow Finger Poses 7 & 8 helps bring harmony to the total being)


finger pose 5 total revitalizationIn the book The Touch of Healing the authors, Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte, state Jin Shin Jyutsu® Finger Pose 5 aids in the revitalization of all bodily functions and releases those blockages that are responsible for daily fatigue. The Finger Pose 5 mudras also assists in overcoming any of the following conditions: 1. I always have an uneasy feeling. 2. Nothing seems to be wrong with me, but I get tired all the time. 3. My complexion is terrible. 4. I’m tempermental-I just can’t help it. 5. I have an uncontrollable craving for sweets.

Technique:  Makes a circle with the right middle finger and thumb by placing the palm side of the thumb on the middle fingernail.  Next slip the left thumb between the circle of the right thumb and middle finger. (See illustration above.)  When complete reverse for the right side.

(Tomorrow we will look at Finger Pose 6:  Breathing Freely)

finger pose 4 releasing general daily fatigueJin Shin Jyutsu® Finger Pose 4 aids in releasing the fatigue, tension, and stress that can build up during one’s day It assists in the release of worries, fears, and anger. This mudra pose can be used to ease the following mental or physical difficulties: 1. I get so tired. 2. I feel insecure about everything – my health, my wealth, my happiness. 3.  I’m beginning to feel old and look old. 4. I get irritated and angry over nothing. 5. I worry about everything.

Technique:  Hold the back of the left thumb, index, and middle fingers with the right thumb. Place the rest of the right fingers on the palm side of the left thumb, index, and middle fingers. Hold this position lightly for several minutes or longer and then complete this technique for the right thumb and fingers.

(This information is taken from The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte.  We will continue tomorrow with Finger Pose 5).

Finger pose 3 calming/revitalizing

Zin Shin Jyutsu® Pose 3 is for calming the body, releasing nervous tension and stress, and revitalizing all organ functions as described in The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte.

This pose can also be used whenever you feel any of the following states of mind or physical symptoms: 1. I get so nervous.  2. I worry about my heart.  3. I can’t walk too long without getting out of breath.  4. I’m always ‘trying-to’.  5. I get so depressed. I have no fun.

Technique:  Hold the palm side of the left little and ring fingers with the right thumb.  Place the other right fingers on the back of the left little and ring fingers (as shown).  Hold this pose lightly and as long as you desire.  Remember to reverse technique for the right fingers.


mudra finger pose 2 inhaling abundance

Continuing with Zin Shin Jyutsu® Finger Pose 2, described in The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte, hold the back of the left middle finger lightly with the right thumb.  Place the other fingers of the right hand on the palm side of the left middle finger as shown above. Finger Pose 2 promotes easier Breath of Life inhaling which is our source of abundance.  It is optional how long to hold this pose followed by reversing the pose to the right middle finger.

The authors write this mudra pose can be used to alleviate the following mental or physical concerns: 1. I can’t ‘take’ a deep breath. 2. I’m getting hard of hearing. 3. My feet are bothering me.  4.  I’m not as alert as I used to be.  5.  My eyes are bothering me.

(Tomorrow – Finger Pose 3:  Calming and Revitalizing)

finger pose 1: exhaling burdens/blockages

First I want to thank a colleague for practicing with me the 8 finger mudra poses from the book The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte to experience the healing vibration before covering them in BWB.  We were both very amazed at the vibrational energy felt and how it moved to appropriate and different areas on both of us.

Start: by holding the palm side of left middle finger lightly with right thumb placing the rest of the right fingers on the back side of left middle finger.  This pose aids in releasing generalized tension and stress head to toe.  It helps with exhaling harmful stagnation and blockages of energy.  One can spend as little as a few minutes practicing finger pose 1 mudra on left middle finger then repeat pose 1 mudra on right middle finger.

The authors recommend this mudra can also be used with any of the following concerns: 1. I can’t see well.  2. I have a hard time exhaling. 3. I get frustrated.  4. I’m tired all the time. &  5. I have trouble making up my mind – I’m a procrastinator.

Please go to BWB’s Search if you are interested in reading more posts covering Jin Shin Jyutsu® from The Touch of Healing. (Tomorrow-Finger Pose 2:  Inhaling the Abundance.)

Animal Spirit Guide - Rabbit/HareIf a rabbit shows up in your life, know that this is a creative time for you! I am not sure rabbit is one of my Spirit Guides but I am so drawn to them.  I love watching the wild rabbits feast on my yard’s vegetarian offerings daily. Over the past year I have been blessed with sightings of a beautiful cream colored angora rabbit, a dwarf sized all black rabbit and a large checkered black and white rabbit. WAS THIS ALL A COINCIDENCE?

If Rabbit is your Animal Totem: You are often unpredictable and spontaneous, have fast reflexes and good coordination, are highly observational and alert, gentle and nurturing as well as clever and quick-witted.

If Rabbit has come to your Dream: It signifies luck, magical power, and success. You have a positive outlook on life. Rabbits also symbolize abundance, warmth, and fertility.

Animal Spirit Guide - Rabbit


Affirmation:  Create with thoughts, focus on dreams, don’t be distracted by fear.