Nature's Healing gift - sleeping beauty

Mount Susitna, which also known to most Anchorage residents as Sleeping Lady, is truly one of nature’s healing gifts. This magnificent beauty looks like a sleeping maiden with her arms folded across her chest. The following Sleeping Lady Legend information comes from an article seen on the Borealis broadband website:

nature's healing gift - sleeping lady

A millennia ago Alaska was inhabited by a race of giants. There was a beautiful young maiden and a handsome young man whose devotion to each other was admired by all the villagers.  Wedding preparations were underway when word reached the village of a warring tribe approaching from the north. After a village council, it was decided that the young man would bring gifts to the invaders to show the peaceful and friendly intentions of the villagers.

Keeping herself busy while waiting for the young man’s return, the maiden eventually grew tired and laid down to rest. Soon after, word reached the village that the invaders rejected the offer of peace and a battle ensued in which the young man was killed.  The villagers, gazing at the sleeping maiden, did not have the heart to wake her. So there she rests today, still waiting for news of peace for all and the return of her love….

tuesday's healing word imagination

Imagination definition: The ability to confront and deal with reality by using the creative power of the mind; resourcefulness.

“Imagination is the preview of

life’s coming attractions.”

~Albert Einstein

tuesday's healing word imagination

“There is neither beginning nor end to the imagination

but it delights in its own seasons

reversing the usual order at will.”

William Carlos Williams

tuesday's healing word - imagination


~Joseph Joupert (1754-1824)

Tuesday's healing word imagination

animal spirit guide - mythical unicorn

A Spirit Animal Guide may be a mythical animal such as the unicorn.  The mystical form of the unicorn is an archetype of purity and innocence. Unicorn energy is of a high vibration which removes negative energy.

animal spirit guide - unicornIf UNICORN shows up, it means: It is time to pursue any creative interests that you have suppressed.  Let go of worries and have fun. You are going to experience a surge of personal power, use it wisely.

Call on UNICORN when: You want to recapture the sense of awe and magic. You’re feeling a call to get something artistic going and not sure what to do or how to get started.

If UNICORN is your POWER ANIMAL:  You are attuned to Mother Nature and care deeply about the environment. You like working with highly sensitive children who have psychic or intuitive gifts.

 Animal Spirit Guide - Unicorn

thumb-walk spinal reflex on thumbs

Yesterday we looked at treating the chakras with reflexology on the feet which is covered in the book The Reflexology Manual, by Pauline Wills.  The author recommends to immediately follow by treating the spinal reflex on the thumbs. The spinal reflex lies on the medial edge of the hand from the base of thumbnail to crease of wrist.

Lets first study the thumb-walking technique.  The working thumb is bent at the first joint with the outer edge of the tip of thumb making contact and is positioned as to prevent the nail from being pressed into the reflex location. (Ladies this does require shorter nails.) thumb-walking spinal reflex on hands

Step 1 – Thumb-Walking Spinal Reflex on the Right Hand

Start the spinal reflex thumb-walking at the base of the thumb nail. The pressure is applied only by the thumb not by any of the supporting fingers. Imagine the thumb is taking tiny steps towards the wrist.  There is pressure applied with each step, then pull back without loosing contact. Again take one step forward, press, and pull back.

Step 2 – Thumb-Walking Spinal Reflex on the Left Hand

Start thumb-walking the spinal reflex at the crease of the wrist and move slowly up to the base of the finger nail. This is an amazing treatment for keeping the chakras balanced.thumb-walking spinal reflex hands

foot reflexology for the feet

In Pauline Wills book, The Reflexology Manual – An Easy-to-Use Illustrated Guide to the Healing Zones of the Hands and Feet, she describes how to do a reflexology treatment on the feet or hands for the seven major chakras. Today we will look at practicing this treatment on the feet.  Please follow the diagram above for each individual chakra location. (Caution, if pregnant, please see qualified reflexologist for treatments).

foot reflexology for the chakrasBefore starting reflexology on the chakra points, lets learn more about the pivoting technique you will be using. Position thumb and finger as shown in the photo.  Use the outer edge of the thumb, press on the point and slowly and gently pivot on it, keeping your thumb in contact with the foot.

Begin with the right foot.  You will start with the crown chakra moving down to the root chakra.  Work with the pivoting technique for five to ten seconds on each chakra.  The chakras are worked in this order because energy rises from the base chakra.  Working from the crown chakra clears the pathway for the energy to rise.

Repeat treatment on left foot.

Tomorrow we will learn about the spinal reflexes treatment on the hands that the author recommends doing following the work done today with the chakra points.


Vitality Walk With Orange Calcite

January 10th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES

vitalitye walk with orange calcit

Here is a great hint from author Mary Lambert’s book Crystal Energy-150 ways to bring success, love, health, and harmony into your life.  Orange Calcite will give your walks a vitality boost.  It can give an instant energy burst to your muscles especially when the legs start to ache or feel tired.vitality walk with orange calcite

The author also suggests the following:

1. If your legs start to tire on a long walk, take time out for a brief rest, do a few stretches and massage your calves.

2. Next, take the orange crystal and hold in both hands until you feel a slight tingling or pulsating—this is how it starts to energize you.  Now hold the crystal to each leg for a few minutes to ease the muscle tension and increase the blood flow.

3. If suffering from muscle tiredness when walking, you can tape an orange calcite crystal to each leg to ease the discomfort.


Tuesday's Healing Word - Listening

Definition listening (n): The act of hearing attentively;  The act of mindfully hearing and attempting to comprehend the meaning of words spoken by another.  “You can learn a lot by just listening”. Tuesday's Healing Word - Listening

“The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as the word ‘silent’.”

~  Alfred Brendel

Tuesday's Healing Word - Listening

“Wisdom is the reward for a lifetime of listening … when you’d have preferred to talk.”

~ D.J. Kaufman Tuesday's Healing Word - Listening

“If speaking is silver, then listening is gold.”

~ Turkish Proverb
tuesday's healing word listening
I am becoming a better listener.
I am improving my listening skills.
I am learning to pay attention to what others say.

Crystals’ Body Layout for Pregnancy

January 6th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES

Healthy Pregnancy Gemstone Layout


What energy healing can be practiced on pregnant women?  I am very cautious and generally run very little energy at the beginning of a pregnancy and only hold space.  I don’t use essential oils until later in the pregnancy.  If you are pregnant and use essential oils, please check to see if they are on the safe list.

Jade, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, and Unakite are wonderful and gentle stones for women to work with for fertility or the following Healthy Pregnancy Body Layout:

First all stones can be small: Place the jade in your palms; Rose Quartz at your feet and heart chakra; Moonstones at the ovaries; Unakite below your feet (The Earth Star Chakra).

Now simply relax, rest, or meditate.  Practice daily 10-15 minutes while visualizing a healthy pregnancy.

crystals' body layout for gregnancy


JADE assists with fertility & child birth.



crystals' body layout for pregnancy

ROSE QUARTZ known as a “bubble bath for the soul”. It is great for calming Mama.


 crystal's body layout for pregnancy

MOONSTONE is referred to as the “woman’s healing stone”.Great during birthing.


crystals' body layout for pregnancy

UNAKITE is great aid for a healthy pregnancy.














Breathe Away ‘Winter Blues’

January 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Velda in OILS

Breathe Away 'Winter Blues'

‘Winter blues’ is most severe during November, December, January and February.  Essential oils influence the limbic system, which is the area of the brain responsible for controlling our moods and the body’s circadian rhythm.  It is recommended to choose oils from both the ‘energizing’ and ‘emotional support’ categories to help alleviate the Winter Blahs.

Breathe Away 'Winter Blues'Here are suggestions for using Essential Oils to beat the ‘Winter Blues’: 1. Essential Oils can be diffused with diffusers, several drops placed on a tissue for inhaling, or simply smelling from an open bottle.  Remember to keep the open bottle about two inches from your nose.  2. Taking a warm bath with Essential Oils is great aromatherapy. 3. Essential Oils can be worn.

The following Essential Oils are recommended for the dark winter months: 1. Clary Sage, Joy, Hope, Lavender, Lemon, Grapefruit, or Valor, for relief from depression.  2. Basil or Rosemary for fatigue & mental confusion.  3. En-R-Gee, Motivation, Peppermint, or Sandalwood, for more energy.

Always look for Essential Oils that generate a positive emotion in you and only use therapeutic-grade Essential Oils.


Mary Poppins' Snap MeditationI get so excited when I find something so fun to share.  This is a perfect quick way to change our attitudes when tackling after holiday chores. Author Pragito Dove has provided us with a Four-Minute Meditation in her book Laughter, Tears, Silence - Expressive Meditations to Calm Your Mind and Open Your Heart.  Start by bringing Mary Poppins into our imagination.

Four Minute Meditation: Snap! The Job’s a Game

Step one – choose a job you need to do. Notice your attitude. Is it a drag? Is it something to get through in a hurry? Step Two-Snap your fingers. Sing, skip, whistle, dance – do whatever it takes to turn this chore into a fun activity. Work or play as this is the most fun in the world.Mary Poppins' Snap Meditation

Okay, your laughing but it is a great way to get meditation into your schedule. How often can you include taking care of a chore, sing or dance as if you were the magical Mary Poppins and complete a SNAP! meditation?

Here is a bonus Four-Minute Meditation called Gather Moments of Joy.  Do you feel like you are stuck in a box? Would you like to enhance your creativity? The author points out that Mary Poppins would tell us that “Creativity is the quality that you bring to whatever activity you are doing”.


Mary Poppins'Snap Meditation

Begin Gather Moments of Joy:

Step one – remember one joyful moment from your childhood when you felt that  life was magic. Gather that moment.  Close your eyes and remember it. Step two – Now relive this moment.  Become a child again.  Run, sing, play. As you continue this practice, do it for a longer time ten, twenty, or thirty minutes. If memories are triggered of times your passion for a particular activity was cut off, re-infuse that activity into your schedule with passion now.  Your life becomes revitalized with creativity and joy.

Remember find your inner Mary Poppins – which includes spending time doing nothing, relaxing, walking in nature, or any downtime that you can fit into your day. This is how we tune into our creativity.