Deep Roots Grounding Exercise

August 29th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS

Deep Roots Grounding Exercise

Grounding exercises are designed to help you focus your attention on the present moment by reconnecting your body energy with the energy of Mother Earth.

Your Root Chakra will love the following Deep Roots Grounding Exercise:

1.  Remove your shoes and socks. Stand up, or sit straight up in a chair with both feet flat on the ground. Close your eyes.  Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2.  Imagine that you are a mighty oak tree. Visualize from the waist line down are your roots.  Once your roots are at least six feet into the Earth, picture the energy of the Earth Deep Roots Grounding Exerciselike bits of diamond dust sparkling all around.  Imagine this diamond dust being absorbed into your roots and rising slowly up your roots and into your trunk.

Deep Roots Grounding Exercise3.  Stretch your arms up and out above your head just like the branches of your mighty oak tree.  See the diamond dust continue to rise and energize every branch and leaf of your tree.

4.  Tilt your head back so that your face is warmed by the sun, and smile.  Take 3 deep breaths while standing with your head tilted back and your arms outstretched, each time visualizing more and more diamond dust energizing you.

5.  Slowly return your head to an upright position and bring your arms down with your hands coming together in prayer position over you heart.  Give thanks in whatever way you feel is appropriate.

It might feel difficult at first to grow your roots deeply. Repeat the exercise daily and with practice, you will feel more connected with Mother Earth Energy. Good luck, and enjoy!

Chakra Balancing Using Felt Swatches

If you are one that collects books, I would recommend looking for anything written by Ted Andrews.  He was an award winning author, gifted teacher and deeply respected in the alternative healing world.  The following is a very simple method of color balancing chakras with fabric swatches.  This can be found in his book, How to Heal With Color.  Before experiencing this exercise, you might have to visit your local craft store and pick up seven pieces of felt in the colors shown below.  After cutting out 3″ x 3″ squares from each of the color samples, you are ready to start a short version of  Ted Andrew’s Chakra Color Therapy:

Chakra Balancing Using Felt Swatches

1.  Choose a quiet undisturbed 10-15 minutes.  Lie down on the floor or bed.  Have your seven chakra swatches with you.

2.  Close your eyes and relax.  Now place all seven color swatches upon the chakra points of the body, as shown in the illustration above.

3.  Breathe deeply and allow your body to absorb the rainbow energies. Take several more deep breaths, focusing on each chakra and drawing the color from their swatch into your body.  Know that chakras are aligning and strengthening.  Feel yourself balancing, as you absorb these colors through your chakra centers.   Continue until you feel fully balanced, charged, and aligned.


Feminine Body Blessing Exercise

The following Body Blessing Exercise is from Tami Kent’s book, Wild Feminine, Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body.  Hopefully you will take time to honor yourself and experience the feminine healing power when repeating these blessings. I use this exercise as a reading meditation.

Body Blessing Exercise

 Bless my feet and legs; let them walk with the grounding energy of the earth.

 Bless my pelvis that, I may hold my values as a woman,

make space for my creations, and release what no longer belongs with me.

Bless my vagina; may I be clear about what I bring into or release from my body or life.

Bless my feminine organs,

that I use my creative potential in ways that are beneficial and sustainable for my spirit.

Bless my belly; may I be in my place of feminine power.

Bless my hands and arms; may they cultivate and receive a joyful bounty.

Bless my heart and chest,

that I receive and give fully the love I share with others.

Bless my breasts, that I nourish myself as lovingly as I nourish my creations.

Bless my throat and head; may I speak my truth and clarify my visions.

Bless the paths behind and ahead of me,

that they may transform what I carry into the future.

Bless the place I now stand as a woman;

may I be fully present in my body and life and celebrate the blessings of this moment.

Feminine Body Blessing Exercises

Tuesday's Healing Word Independence

Independence (noun): the state or quality of being independent; freedom from the influence, control, or determination of others.  Independence is confident self-reliance.  One of my favorite pastimes is watching eagles soaring gracefully.  It looks like freedom of independence.

Tuesday's Healing Word Independence

Independence for all women looks like this:

1.  We have the courage to see reality with our own eyes and not through the eyes of others.

2.  We dare to be our true selves and make decisions without undue influence from others.

3.  We responsibly care for ourselves.

4.  We bring ourselves fully to a relationship yet honor the boundaries that protect each other’s dignity.  We enjoy intimacy without enmeshment.

5.  We do not depend on others to define our value.Tuesday's Healing Word Independence


Celestite Crystal Ether Net

August 25th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES

 Celestite Crystal Ether Net

Sue and Simon Lilly shares the following Celestite Crystal Ether Net in their book Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies:

Celestite Crystal Ether Net1.  You will need seven small clusters of Celestite and a white cloth.

2.  Lay out the seven clusters on the white cloth one above the head, one at either side of the feet and the others evenly spaced between (see illustration above).  This energy net will help you tune into spiritual states as well as encouraging communication skills and artistic creativity.

3.  Lie in the net for five to ten minutes.   Lying in this energy net can provide a deep rest from the cares of the world, and an effective way to lighten heavy emotional burdens.  It can also dissolve negative patterns that have become attached to the auric field.  Celestite is very calming and uplifting.

Little Finger Energy #5 Meditation

The second chakra, which is the energetic center of sexuality, is associated with the little finger.  It deals with interpersonal relationships and the ability to communicate.  Chinese practitioners find the heart meridian to be in this finger.  Joyful, fulfilling relationships not only warm the heart, but also nourish and strengthen it.  In turn, strong heart energy gives us the ability to be happy.  Our mood, which is always the sum of present feelings, can be compared to the waves on the surface of a lake.  (They are rhythmically-harmonious or vehement; the water is clear and clean, or shallow, heavy, dark, and dirty).

Little Finger Energy #5 Meditation

Thus the importance of the following Little Finger Exercise:

1.  Sit or lie down.  Encircle your left little finger with the four fingers of your right hand.  Close your eyes. Visualize you are sitting by the sea and observing the waves—they come toward you, and roll back out and disappear.  The same applies to your feelings, moods, and relationships with others.

2.  Bring awareness to giving and receiving love.  You only receive as much love as you can unconditionally give. This doesn’t necessarily mean great deeds. A friendly, warm heart for fellow human beings, animals, plants, water, air, and earth are entirely enough.

3.  Happily think of someone that might need some encouragement.  Believe in this individual’s abilities and good heart.  Imagine entire scenes in which this person is cheerful and loving themselves.Little Finger Energy #5 Meditation

4.  Now visualize yourself radiating from goodwill and unconditional love throughout your body.  If difficult, have patience.  Time will come when your heart will overflow with joy.

5.  Continue holding your little finger for a while and feel the flowing warmth.  Then encircle your right finger and hold it for the same amount of time.

 The Finger meditation exercises found in Mudras Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi.



Ring Finger Energy #4 Meditation


The ring finger is associated with the Root Chakra, which rules the pelvic floor.  This force gives stamina, staying power, and the power to be assertive.

Liver and triple warmer meridians are also associated with the ring finger.  The Liver meridian gives a person patience, serenity, hope and vision for the future.  The triple warmer rules protective body functions, including the immune system.  This finger provides stability.

Ring Finger Energy Exercise from Mudras Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi:

Ring Finger Energy #4 Meditation


1.  Sit or lie down.  Encircle left finger with the four fingers of your right hand.  Close your eyes.

1.  Imagine bare earth as a desert that is dried out from being exposed to the sun.

2.  Now imagine fertile earth, with little plants, bigger plants. Focus on one single seed deep within the Earth.

3.  With every breath, something move inside until the seed bursts and a shoot stretches into the light.

4.  Visualize a young tree sprouting roots deep into the earth.  The tree blooms every year and bares fruit.

5.  Like the tree, we want to give ourselves completely to life and every year our inner development continues.  We decisively influence whether it is joyful or sorrowful.

7.  Keep holding your left finger for a while and feel the flowing warmth.  Then encircle your right finger and hold it for the same amount of time.

Tomorrow is the last of the Finger Energy Exercises!








Middle Finger Energy Meditation #3


Hindus call this finger the heavenly finger and classify it with the throat chakra, which both are called “keeper of the threshold.” This symbolism represents the gateway of purity, which only opens when the student is pure in spirit and in heart.  In order to progress on our spiritual journey, we must fulfill our duties on Earth.  This is indicated by its inherent meridians (circulation and gallbladder.)  Both help us seize and master the challenges of life.  Drive, activity, risk, and the joy of taking action are their qualities.

Middle Finger Energy Meditation #3 is described in Mudras Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi.   Either sit or lie down.  Encircle the right middle finger with the four left hand fingers.  Close your eyes and begin:

Middle Finger Energy Meditation #3

1.  Imagine yourself doing what you enjoy doing the most, using your talents to master all obstacles placed in your path.

2.  You are successful at what you do and mentally envision what that success looks like.

3.  What you do enriches your family, friends, individual human beings and/or the entire world.

4..  Extensively imagine the constant contact with the divine forces that help show you the way.

Middle Finger Energy Meditation #3


5.  Ask inner wisdom for guidance, if you are not satisfied with your occupation, or have no leisure activities or interests that suit you.   Also ask for the initiative, which the middle finger symbolizes, to actually tackle the matter at hand.

6.  Above all, request help from the divine powers—enter into a close, trusting partnership with them.

7.  Keep holding your finger in silence for a short time and feel the flowing warmth.  Lastly, encircle the left middle finger with your four right-handed fingers and hold.  These hand positions have an excellent effect on tension in the neck.

 Index Finger Meditation #2

The index finger is associated with the heart chakra, the large intestine, and the meridian of the stomach.  Author Gertrud Hirschi, in her book, Mudras Yoga in Your Hands, points out we can draw on our innermost intuition and receive inspiration.  When doing the following meditation several days in a row, notice that there is a certain habit of thoughts.  If we continuously replace harmful thoughts with useful ones, this can change the circumstances of life accordingly.


Index Finger Energy Meditation #2

 1.  Sit or lie down.  Encircle your right index finger with the four fingers of your left hand.  Let the left thumb rest along the exterior of the right hand.  Close your eyes.

2.  Visualize sitting in front of a field and observe the swaying grain.  When you inhale, the ears of grain move toward you.  When you exhale, they move away.  Sometimes you see the entire field and sometimes you see individual ears of grain.  Notice that when you inhale the space gets smaller, and larger when you exhale.  The yellow ears of seeds indicate new beginnings.

3.   Look into the expanse of  blue clouded sky and then inwardly to the safety of your heart.  Observe the thoughts that come and go.

4.  How do you think most of the time?  Is it a positive, negative, confident, fearful, brooding, critical, memory-dominated, or future-oriented way?

Keep holding onto your finger for a while and feel the flowing warmth.  Remember to encircle your left index finger with the four fingers on the right hand and hold this finger for a while.

Tomorrow is Meditation #3:  Middle Finger Energy

Finger Meditations: #1 Thumb Exercise

This week I hope you will join me to explore the positive experiences from finger meditation exercises found in the book, Mudras Yoga in Your Hands, by Gertrud Hirschi.  These remind me of the subtle Jin Shin Jyutsu®  jumper cable techniques we learned last year.  The author points out that the lung meridian, (fire element), is associated with the thumb.  The fire of the thumb nourishes the energy of the other fingers and absorbs excess energy.  We can actually strengthen every part of the body or every organ by visualizing and/or breathing light and warmth into it.

Finger Meditations: # 1 Thumb Energy

1.  Sit or lie down.  Encircle your right thumb with the four fingers of the left hand and place the left thumb along the inner edge of your right hand.

2.  Close your eyes and focus on a part of the body that is weak or ill.  Now imagine that a light is glowing in the lower center of your body near the navel.

3.  Every time you exhale, direct the rays of light toward the respective part of the body.  Visualize large, dark clouds of smoke, (things that make you ill, feel pain, or fatigue), escape from the illuminated body part.

4.  Concentrate on the glowing light that slowly fills and heals this part of the body.  Calmly keep holding onto your right thumb for a while and feel the flowing warmth.  To complete this meditation finish by encircling the left thumb with the right fingers and hold this thumb for a short time.

Join me tomorrow for Meditation #2: Index Finger Energy.