Crystals – New Paths Layout

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Crystals New Paths Layout

Authors Simon and Sue Lilly state that the following layout can help you deal with changes in your life, or when you need energy to tackle new challenges. Lapis Lazuli brings clarity and insight, while the red cloth and stones activate a practical response to your change in circumstances. 

Crystals-New Paths Layout                                      NEW PATHS LAYOUT

1.  Spread out a red cloth on the floor.  Position the two red stones of your choice on the front of each ankle, secured with tape if necessary. (#1 on illustration)

2.  Lie down on the cloth and place a carnelian on your navel. (#2 on illustration)

3.  Place lapis lazuli at the center of your chest, over the heart chakra. (#3 on illustration)

4.  Place the second carnelian just below the lapis lazuli, at the base of your sternum.  There is a small chakra here, the anakananda, which is associated with hopes and wishes. (#4 on illustration)

5.  Relax in the layout for 4-5 minutes, then remove the stones.  Repeat daily until you feel your circumstances shift.

Women Empowerment - Madeleine Albright
I felt so compelled to share a visit to my local art museum recently.  The featured exhibit is called, Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection, featuring over 200 of her brooches.  Madeleine Albright used pins to communicate subtle diplomatic messages or express her mood, during her career in public service as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (1993-1997), and appointed first female Secretary of State (1997-2001).
Women Empowerment-Madeleine Albright
On good days, she would wear flowers, butterflies or whimsical pins like the large  zebra brooch worn on her shoulder when meeting Nelson Mandela.  Faced with difficult times, she would select from her spiders, bugs or the notorious bee pin (which many related to the well known saying “I will float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”, used often by the famous boxer Muhammad Ali.)
Women Empowerment - Madeleine Albright
Secretary Albright said, “I found that jewelry had become part of my personal diplomatic arsenal.  While President George H. W. Bush has been known for saying ‘Read my lips’, I began urging colleagues and reporters to ‘Read my pins’.” (Of note: Most of the pins are inexpensive costume jewelry that Dr. Albright picked up at flea markets or souvenir shops.)
Women Empowerment - Madeleine Albright
I hope you all get a chance to experience seeing this exhibit as it travels around the country, or check out the book, Read My Pins: Stories from A Diplomat’s Jewel Box, by Madeleine Albright, 2009.  Who knows, it might encourage some of us to dig through those hidden brooches and pins that lay hidden in our drawers….and ‘READ OUR PINS’!

Tuesday's Healing Word Understanding

Understanding is having clear insight into ideas and feelings.  It is thoughtfully seeking to comprehend the full truth and being mindful of what is most important.  It is having compassion and empathy for others.  I am not sure where this old saying originated, but it is a great one to reflect on when necessary:    “You can’t really UNDERSTAND another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” 

Tuesday's Healing Word Understanding


The Practice of Understanding:

1.   Reflect on the meaning of ideas.

2.  Have empathy for others.

3.  Be mindful of meaning.

4.  Be a discerning listener.

5.   Be compassionate.

6.  Forgive mistakes.

7.  Value knowledge and  perceptiveness.

“If one is master of one thing and understands

one thing well, one has at the same time,

insight into and understanding of many things.”

~Vincent Van Gogh

Tuesday's Healing Word Understanding

Goddess Wisdom - Freyja's Ritual

Kris Waldherr, in Goddess Inspiration Oracle Guide, refers to the Norse Goddess Freyja, as the Goddess of Beauty.  She presided over the living and the dead.  The author points out that Freyja’s story reminds us to acknowledge the healing power of beauty and love which are forces more powerful than war or death.

Amy Zerner & Monte Farber, in Goddess Guide Me!, writes Freyja, is the Scandinavian and Germanic Goddess of Leadership.  Today being Friday, the day named for Goddess Freyja, lets look at Freyja’s Ritual taken from Goddess Guide Me!

Stand Out and Shine!

Goddess Wisdom - Freyja's Ritual1.  You may invoke Freyja’s leadership abilities by wearing a golden token.  Choose a potent incense and light it.  As it burns take a moment to center yourself.  Breathe in the pungent odor five times as you watch the smoke rise.

2.  Using Yellow paper, cut out a five-pointed star and inscribe these words upon it: “Lead the Way.”  Repeat the following invocation five times:

Gracious goddess, lead the way.

Guide and council me today.

Let Me emulate your role

and lead us proudly to our goal.

3.  Fasten the yellow star to your bathroom mirror, where you will see it every day beside your image.

4.  Look up at the stars and feel your Inner Goddess shine and know that you can think creatively, feel proud, and lead the way.


Rainbow Healing Visualization

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 Rainbow Healing Visualization

Rainbow Healing Visualization Technique:  

Rainbow Healing Visualization1.  Sit in a comfortable chair.  You will only need to practice this visualization technique for 3 to 5 minutes in the beginning. Once you are comfortable with the technique and know which color you need, you can individualize the color and work with only one at a time.

2.  Breathe deeply and evenly, feeling the cleansing power of oxygen permeating your body’s cells as you inhale, and the release of carbon dioxide waste as you exhale. Conscious, deep breathing cleanses the blood and cells of the body. 

3.  Visualize the Crown Chakra (at the top of your head) and begin to imagine it opening as though it were the lens of a camera. Ask the Universe for all the color rays of rainbow energy to flow down through this chakra.  These rainbow colors are the red, orange, yellow, green, rose, blue, indigo, violet, silver, gold, white, and black rays. There is also ultra-red and ultra-violet. State your intent for healing, then invite the colors to flow from the Universe and go to where each color is needed.

4.  Visualize them entering your bloodstream through the arteries and the cells of your entire body. This only takes a few moments to move throughout your body. Rainbow Healing Visualization

5.  If you have a specific problem you wish to work on, ask for the colors to infuse that particular area of the body. The body listens to every thought you think, so just by stating what you want, it will happen. This thought/body connection is very important to know, because your every negative thought makes negative things occur, and every positive thought you have, takes the body to higher levels of consciousness.

6.  When completing this exercise, you will feel more balanced.  Remember to drink plenty of water and continue practicing color healing visualization.

FYI:  Today it is widely accepted that healing with color addresses the five functions of the human body – physical, metabolic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Watch for more on the powers of color therapy in the future.



Affirmations for Self-Care

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Affirmations For Self-Care

Today is Mother’s Day.  I want to share with all women readers what this day means to me.  Yes some of us may be mothers, all of us are daughters, and hopefully we are mothering our dreams and ambitions.  Ultimately, self-care is the most import mothering we can do for ourselves.

Affirmations for Self-Care


The Benefits of Chanting

The Benefits of ChantingChanting benefits every aspect of life,  including physical issues, emotional imbalances, mental imbalances, spiritual blockages, relationship challenges, financial challenges, and more.  Chanting mantras works because they carry soul frequency and vibration with love, forgiveness, compassion, and light.  Chanting is Sound Power.  You become what you chant.

There are two ways to chant: silently and aloud. Silently vibrates the smaller cells and spaces in the body; it is yin chanting.  Aloud vibrates the bigger cells and spaces: it is yang chanting. Both ways are correct. You may choose to do one or the other or both. Always chant silently when lying down so as not to drain your qi (energy).

You might enjoy practicing the following Divine Soul Song, Love, Peace, and Harmony,  given to Master Sha on September 10, 2005.   Each line of this chant is a treasure to transform not only our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies, but to create love, peace, and harmony for humanity.

Relax. Sit straight but comfortably. Open your heart and soul.  Now chant,  your choice silently or aloud:

I love my heart and soul

I love all humanity

 Join hearts and souls together 

Love, peace and harmony

Love, peace and harmony

 (Repeat as often as you want throughout the day)

The Benefits of Chanting

Animal Spirit Guide-Peacock

Lets start by closing our eyes and tune into the power of a glowing Peacock and feel its vibration attuning us.  With power emanating from the 5th chakra, the Peacock teaches us the following:

Animal Spirit Guide - Peacock

 If Peacock shows up, it means:

1.  You’re about to experience a vision that will greatly affect your life.

2.  This is the time to be watchful, observing what goes on inside and around you.

3.  There is no need to worry,  you are safe and well protected.

4.  It is important now to take a risk and speak your truth rather than holding back.

5.  Your dignity and integrity are particularly called on, so make it a point to walk your talk.


Animal Spirit Guide - Peacock


Call on Peacock when:

1.  You are on the verge of making an important decision.

2.  You’re questioning the truth of what someone has told you and need help discerning this.

3.  You are entering new and unfamiliar territory, whether emotional or geographical, and need a guardian who will give you more than adequate warning of any danger.

4.  Your self-esteem is rather low and you want to feel better about yourself.

5.  There’s an opportunity for you to perform in some kind of show, particularly one that calls for you to dress up in colorful costumes.

Animal Spirit Guide - Peacock


If Peacock is your POWER ANIMAL:

1.  You’re very showy and flashy and love to display yourself in colorful garb.

2.  You carry yourself with a very regal air, exuding confidence and warmth.

3.  You are incredibly lucky, protected at all times, and always seem to be able to avoid misfortunes.

4.  If White Peacock is your power animal, you’re able to access deep inner wisdom, and when asked, readily communicate this knowledge.

Spirit Animal Guide Peacock

(More information on other animal guides can be found in, Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven D. Farmer, PH.D.)

“She Is A Woman!”

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Poetry for Women

She Is A Woman!

Poetry for WomenWoman is made great in gentleness
Woman is tender and soft in her acts
Woman speaks with deep sincerities
Woman expresses herself in kind ways

Woman assures everything is alright when it is not
Woman stands for her poise though there is doubt
Woman loves passionately like there is no end to it
Woman comforts even when a situation turns worst

Woman always stood for her precious
Woman always choose to be generous
Woman never point fingers at her betrayer

Woman never says no to a pleading stranger

She is a woman who remains anonymous
She is a woman who is indeed magnanimous!

~Jeline Loh

Poetry for Women

(Women poems found

Huna Teachings-Increase Calm Presence

Emotional calm is a valuable benefit for being more in the present.  The Fourth Principle of Huna is Manawa—Now is the Moment of Power.  In Hawaiian language there is neither past tense nor future tense, therefore, all time is present.  Serge Kahili King, PhD, in his book  Huna Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living, shares the following Fourth Principle technique called i’ano (translates as “being here”) to increase calm presence:

Increase Calm Presence1.  Look and be aware of colors.  Pick out all the whites you see, then the reds, oranges,  yellows, greens, blues, violets, and blacks.  Next look at all the straight lines, and then  curved lines.  Finally look at the shapes of objects and how they relate to each other in space.

2.  Listen to all the sounds you can hear, first high ones and then low ones.  As you listen, you will begin to hear more sounds.  Try to be aware of how what seem to be single sounds at first are often made up of several other sounds.

3.  Touch  shapes, textures, also hardness, softness, temperature, flexibility, and weight.

4.  You may also want to include smelling and tasting.

When a person practices this technique enough, they will discover three things:  (1) Release of stress and tension; (2) An increased feeling of energy, vitality, and well-being; and (3) an expansion of sensory awareness that might possibly change the way they think about the world around them.

Huna Teachings-Increase Calm Presence