Reduce Fatigue, Tension, & Stress

I am sure most of us have experienced that nagging tightness and discomfort at the top of either or both sides of our back.  These spots are near the spine and beginning of shoulder blade caused by energy blocks.  Jin Shin Jyutsu®, (The Touch of Healing, by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte) refers to these points as SEL #11, which stands for Safety Energy Locks.  You can practice this simple exercise using Jin Shin Jyutsu®  to reduce fatigue, tension, and stress.  It is called Harmonizing The Mediator Flows.   This practice helps bring harmony and balance to your body.  Many find it calming and use it to fall asleep, while others use it to invigorate themselves upon awakening.  For optimum results, you can use this daily, whenever needed for a couple of minutes on each side.  If you spend a great deal of time at the computer, it is a No-brainer….try it!

Reduce Fatigue, Tension, & StressHarmonizing the Mediator Flows

For Left Side Energy (Refer to Illustration at top of page-Left Side of Back)

1.   Place left thumb over left ring fingernail.  Make a circle with the pad of thumb over ring fingernail.  (This helps to clear the chest).

2.   Place right hand over left shoulder which connects with SEL #11.  (This revitalizes the ascending energy.)

3.  Bring the knees together so that the inner sides touch (SEL#1).  The feet may be together or apart, whichever is comfortable. (This revitalizes the descending energy).

For Right Side Energy (Refer to Illustration at top of page-Right Side of Back)

1.   Place right thumb over right ring fingernail.  Make a circle with the pad of thumb over ring fingernail.  (This helps to clear the chest).

2.   Place left hand over right shoulder which connects with SEL #11.  (This revitalizes the ascending energy.)

3.  Bring the knees together so that the inner sides touch (SEL#1).  The feet may be together or apart, whichever is comfortable. (This revitalizes the descending energy).

Crystals for Dream Recall

Crystals for Dream RecallDo you ever have difficulty recalling  dreams?  These crystals can be most helpful to you in remembering dreams.  These are my five favorites.  Place the first four crystals, either one at a time or all together, under your pillow at night.  It might take a little while to begin to recall your dreams.  Don’t get discouraged.  Dreaming is healing.

Dream Crystals for Under the Pillow

1.  Amethyst—Is used for dream recall, it will also aid in deepening dreams as well.

2. Herkimer Diamond—Is extremely useful for vivid dreams and dream recall.

3. Jasper (red)—It provides insights to problems and placed under the pillow helps dream recall.

4.  Kyanite (blue)— Enhances intuition, communication, creativity, meditation, and dream recall.

Dream Crystal For NightstandCrystals for Dream Recall

5.  Celestite (blue)—Place a large piece of Celestite on your nightstand.  It is a useful stone for stimulating dream recall and journeys out of body.  Celestite heightens the vibrations in the room and is called the teacher of the new age.  It jump-starts spiritual development and urges you toward enlightenment. Do not place in direct sunlight as the color will fade.

Dream Catcher With Essential OIl

I am completing a seven week on-line course with author & teacher Robert Moss on dreaming wide awake.  Naturally it has me thinking about the Native American Dream Catchers.  They were woven by the grandfathers and grandmothers for newborn children and hung above the cradleboard to give the infants peaceful, beautiful dreams.  Now we see Dream Catchers hanging from mirrors in cars, in windows catching sun beams, over one’s bed, and like my hand-made one hanging over my desk. (There are easy directions to make Dream Catchers on line…it is fun and very therapeutic.)

Dream Catcher With Essential OIl

Today I want to share information on Young Living, Dream Catcher™ essential oil.  It is an exotic formula designed to enhance the process of dreaming and visualization. The ability to hold onto your dreams – positive dreams that move you forward emotionally and spiritually – can lead to a greater ability to realize your desires and stay on the path of fulfillment. Dream Catcher™ also protects against negative dreams that may cloud your vision.

Dream Catcher With Essential OilHow to use:  NEAT (undiluted) then,

Apply several drops (2-4) to wrists, edge of ears, forehead, neck and feet

Add several drops (2-4) to bath water

Directly inhale or (diffuse up to 1 hour three times a day)


Dream Catcher With Essential Oil

Documented Uses for Dream Catcher™ Essential Oil:  Relieve boredom, poor concentration, day dreaming, deodorant, disappointment, discouragement, dream state, occasional sleeplessness, negativity (releases), third eye uplifting, calms, balances, improves vision of goals and visualization.


Dream Catcher With Essential OilSafety Precautions:   Dream Catcher™ essential oil does not have any known contraindications.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for 24 hours because this oil is photosensitive.

If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.


Chanting Is Healing

July 22nd, 2015 | Posted by Velda in SOUND,CHANTS,MANTRAS

Chanting Is Healing

I like to revisit Barbara Levine’s book,  Your Body Believes Every Word You Say, to share her wisdom and exercises.  The author was stricken with a massive, life-threatening brain tumor at the age of 32.  After being misdiagnosed for years and undergoing hundreds of tests, she began looking at the role her language played in reinforcing her illness.  Her discoveries led her to fifteen years of research-and an amazing recovery.

Chanting Is Healint

This is her Self-Help Experience #38 – Chanting

Purpose:  Relaxation, quieting the mind, using sound creatively


1.  Have a reverent attitude before you begin to chant.  You can choose to sit cross-legged, kneel, sit in a chair,  or stand.

2.  You can chant any mantras aloud or silently.  Some teachers believe it is best to chant aloud at least part of the time because the sound vibration produces the healing results.

3.  This chant is one of several the author used successfully—Om Ta Ma Ra Om.  When you chant Om think white, Ta think red, Ma think blue, Ra think yellow, and again Om think white.

Chanting Your Own Affirmations:

Chanting Is HealingDuring an MRI test the author needed, to make sure her brain tumor had not recurred, found the banging noise of the test made it difficult to chant, meditate or pray.  She started using an affirmation in step with the noisy rhythmic beat of the machine, (more like chanting inwardly).  She repeated over and over “Relaxed and happy from head to toe”, saying one word for each beat.  This helped to keep her mind focused and calm, preventing thoughts like, “I can’t stand this”.   Thoughts which were waiting to emerge.  She reported how much it helped when the test was completed.  I am sad that I hadn’t remembered this before a loved one of mine had to experience the noise of a MRI test.

Goddess Wisdom - Elen of the Ways

Very little is known about ancient British goddesses, although one of the most important was unquestionably Elen of The Ways.  She is to be experienced, not to be read about.  She is an antlered goddess, her antlers showing her free nature spirit. Her hair is long and red, often entangled with twigs and leaves. Her white limbs glows in the shadows and shine in the moonlight. Her green eyes, full of mischief, hold the secret of the Ways.

Goddess Wisdom - Elen of the WaysFor many years Goddess expert, Caroline Wise, has been researching the origins of Elen.  Here are some of her views on this little known deity, who might easily have existed as long ago as Palaeolithic times:

“As the Green Lady, she peeps out between the trees in forests and woods. As a British Venus, Goddess of Gardens, she is the Flower Bride:  at her Holy Wells, mainly to be found in the North of the country, she is guardian of the underground streams that carry sacred waters.  These underground streams have themselves become a metaphor for the secret continuation of sacred wisdom.  She is the Guardian of the ancient track ways, the Leys, the kundalini currents in nature, and as the Horned Goddess, she leads us to the first track ways, the migratory tracks of the reindeer and later, she leads us  to the path of the red deer through the forests.  From here she leads us to the lost Shamanism of the Isles of Britain, and we can follow her acress Scandinavia, Russia, Mongolia, Siberia, India, and beyond.”

Goddess Wisdom -Elen of the Ways

Author, dream explorer and teacher, Robert Moss, says, “Elen is Lady of the Ways in many senses. Most significant, for me, is her role as Lady of the Dreamways.” She has a strong link to Shamanism, as a goddess that will guide during spiritual path-working and journeying, as well as the physical journeys we make.  She is a goddess that “walks between the worlds” (Caroline Wise).

Robert Moss shared the following about a possible dream visit from the Goddess:   British visionary artist Chesca Potter says that when she moved to London, she had a vision of an immense goddess figure, dressed in green and gold, over the church of  St Pancras. She painted and sketched several versions of this antlered goddess.  The one shown here, appears on the card labeled “Lady of the Ways” in John Matthews’ Celtic Shaman’s Pack.  Do you have a desire to call on Elen?  I Do!



Women Empowerment-Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep has continued her battle towards achieving equal rights for women by writing a letter to every single member of Congress demanding they “stand up for equality”.  The Oscar ­winning actress’ letter urged Congress to revive the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which was written in 1920, passed by Congress in 1972 and ratified by 35 states.  However, it fell short of the 38 needed in order for it to be enshrined in the Constitution and has lain dormant ever since.

The proposed amendment states: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or  abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

Women Empowerment - Meryl StreepHere is the contents of  Meryl Streep’s letter printed by the Associated Press: “I am writing to ask you to stand up for equality – for your mother, your daughter, your sister, your wife or yourself – by actively supporting the Equal Rights Amendment.  A whole new generation of women and girls are talking about equality – equal pay, equal protection from sexual assault, equal rights.”
Please all empowered women  follow Meryl Streep’s lead.  Write Congress members requesting that the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) be ratified, making it part of our Constitution honoring everyone.

FYI, the Equal Rights Amendment was passed by Congress on March 22, 1972 and sent to the states for ratification by both houses of their state legislatures.  A proposed amendment becomes part of the Constitution when approved by three-fourths (38) of the 50 states.  During the next five years, 35 states approved the amendment.  By the Congressionally imposed deadline of June 30, 1982, however, no additional states had voted yes, and the ERA fell three states short of ratification.  The 15 states that have not yet ratified the Equal Rights Amendment are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.

Woman Empowerment -Meryl Streep

Tuesday's Healing Word Creativity

The dictionary defines creativity as the  ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful  ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.  The joy in creativity is in the process not necessarily the outcome.

Tuesday's Healing Word - Creativity

To be Creative

means to be in love with life.

You can be Creative

only if you love life enough

that you want to enhance its beauty,

you want to bring a little more music to it,

a little more poetry to it,

a little more dance to it.

~ Osho

 Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity,

because if you’re passionate about something,

then you’re more willing to take risks.

~Yo-Yo Ma

Tuesday's Healing Word - Creativity

 You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

 ~Maya Angelou

Tuesday's Healing Word - Creativity

'Sidewalk Tarot'-3 Pileated Woodpeckers

Today I am sharing a personal experience and hope you will enjoy it.  I am taking an on-line class from Robert Moss author and teacher on dreaming.  There is this wonderful little game he recommends we play called ‘Sidewalk Tarot’.  He  suggests that throughout the day we pay attention if there are three things that we see that might be giving us a symbolic message.

'Sidewalk Tarot'-3 Pileated WoodpeckersWhile on my early walk,  I came upon 3 pileated woodpeckers.  Now they are common in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, but very seldom do I see them on my walk and never 3 together. I was fascinated listening to the  sounds they make before starting to drill for hidden pleasures.  I followed this amazing  trio from tree to tree until they flew off.

Woodpeckers are known for and symbolic of the drumming and  on a conscious level, they can soon help you reconnect with the heartbeat of the Earth…a primal knowing of balance.'Sidewalk Tarot'-3 Pileated Woodpeckers

The color symbolism of this spirit animal is also important.  Black and white is representative of how we look at things, our perspectives, and being able to discern between the rational and the emotional based situations.  The red crest is symbolic of powerful mental faculties.  This is a meaningful spirit animal to call upon, when overwhelmed by drama and not able to see what is truly happening.  Pileated Woodpecker is a Master of her craft,  nurturing and teaching those around her to find their rhythm in life.

My personal message  from studying this spirit animal is: I need to stay grounded to obtain my goals, not focus on the mental, be open to self-discovery, set my own pace, and my own rhythm.  Please consider playing ’Sidewalk Tarot’.  Simply collect three observations from the world around you  and look at them as possible signs and symbols.  It can be revealing and FUN!








Color Energizing the Spinal Chakras

July 8th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS | COLORS

Color Energizing The Spinal Chakras

Energizing the chakras can be accomplished with a simple hands-on visualization technique found in The Complete Book of Color Healing by Lilian Verner-Bonds.  The chakras are often described as a rotating wheel or vortex of energy.  In the following exercise you may find it helpful to visualize them as such:

Color Energizing the Spinal Chakras1.  Close your eyes and visualize the color corresponding to the chakra you wish to enliven.

2.  Place both hands over your eyes and visualize that particular color flowing into the palms of your hands and energizing them.

3.  Now put both hands over the chakra area on the front of your body and visualize the color following into the body, directing the color through to the spinal chakra point. (See illustration)

4.  Repeat the same procedure for any or all of the remaining chakras, usually for three minutes at a time, to align, restore, harmonize, and balance, as desired.

5.  Remember, this simple exercise  can be used to give an overall boost to the system, focus healing on a specific area of the body, or to strengthen the dimension of life associated with a particular chakra.

Tips For Doggone Hot Weather

July 3rd, 2015 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

Tips For Doggone Hot Weather

Here’s a list of tips compiled from numerous sources and based on experiences of living through some very hot summers such as Chicago, South Dakota, or Albuquerque.  I am writing this for my dear friends here in Seattle because we do not get this kind of heat often.

1.  Slow down. When you are outside or in a place that is not air conditioned, face reality, move slowly and put your brain in low gear.  Tip:  If you need relief from your hot house, go to an air-conditioned library, movie theater, or if your city has one, a designated cooling center.

Tips for Doggone Hot Weather

2.  Always be hydrating. Drink ice water, cold juice, non-caffeinated ice tea. Have it with you at all times. This is especially important if you live somewhere that is both hot and humid.  Tip: Always keep a bottle of water in the freezer. 

3.   Shut out the sunlight.  Even if your apartment or office is air conditioned, shut the blinds. Sunlight equals heat.  Inside wear shorts, baggy T-Shirt, flip-flops. Forget the underwear and socks. When you are outside wear loose, long-sleeved clothes (shirts, pants, skirts) of light material. Tip: Keeping the sun off your skin provides more surface area for sweating, and so is actually cooler.  Wear a cap or straw hat.

Tips fpor Doggone Hot Weather

4.  Crank up the fans. If you don’t have air conditioning and even if you do, promote air circulation throughout your house or office with fans. Start them up early in the day before it gets hot.   Use a hand fan. Take one with you when you go outside, it can be a lifesaver.  Eat high water content foods, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  Tip: Eating these  fresh fruits  and vegetables in abundance will help keep you hydrated.

Tips For Doggone Hot Weather

5.  Utilize the cooling power of water. If you are feeling like your body is getting too hot, cool it down by taking a long, cool shower or bath. Soak your feet in a bucket or pan of ice water. Utilize towels and bandanas soaked in cold, cold water. Apply an ice pack to various parts of your body.  Use a water-filled spray bottle that you have placed in a refrigerator until it is ice cold (nearly frozen is best). When you are outside, mist yourself with refreshing spritzes of chilled water.   Tip: Create a “rice-sock” ice pack. Grab an old sock, stuff it full of rice and put it into the freezer for a few hours. Stay cool at night by placing it under the covers with you. Rice retains the cold for long periods of time.

Tips for Doggone Hot Weather

6.  Remember your pets safety. Too much sun and heat (and humidity!) can be dangerous to pets. Keep them inside when it’s extremely hot/humid; make sure they have access to shady spots and plenty of water when outdoors; don’t leave them outside for extended periods in hot weather.  Tip: Consider your pets this 4th of July weekend.   Loud fireworks, unfamiliar places and crowds can all be very frightening to pets, and there’s great risk of pets becoming spooked and running away.

Tips for Doggone Hot Weather