About Me

My name is Velda Wilson.  My passion is vibrational energy healing.  I work exclusively with women and focus on their individual needs.  I had a hands on healing practice from 2010-2020. Distance healing has been around for 5,000 years and I am grateful to be continuing to serve my clients with remote & virtual healing for the future.


Certified Energy Therapist; Earthwalk Institute of Energy Healing – 2 yrs.,  Case Study- Scoliosis,  Internship – 35 sessions with women staff members at a recovery center.

Certified Gemstone Energy Therapist; Gayle Alizar, Instructor; Earthwalk Institute of Energy Healing – 1 yr.

Reiki I – 2008, Reiki II – 2011, & Reiki Master - 2012, trained by Jack Blackburn, Reiki Master.

Certified Teacher Training, Earthwalk Institute of Energy Healing; Teacher Assistant (Internship for year 1 and 2 classes) Earthwalk Institute of Energy Healing.  Co-taught a variety of chakra workshops at Bellevue College Continuing Education, and for Women of Wisdom Eastside.

Shamanic Munay-ki Rites Rraining, Four Winds Society, 2016.

Dying Consciously Teacher Training, Four Winds Society, 2019.

  WORKSHOPS and More

2011, Energy Medicine Workshop, Donna Eden, Author, Teacher

2012, Auric Reading, Dougall Fraser, Author, Physic Healing, Teacher

2011 & 2013, EFT World Summit Conference (6 Days Each)

2014, Urban Hawaiian Shamanism Training on the Big Island with Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.

2015, Akashic Records on-line classes with author/teacher, Linda Howe; Shamanism Global Summit Conference; Dreamtime Training on-line classes with author/teacher, Robert Moss; Goddess Pilgrimage studying the feminine energy during the Minoan Culture on the Island of Crete, with scholar/teacher, Carol P. Christ.

2016, Winter Wellness Summit Conference (39 presenters-Doctors, Scientists, & Healers).

2017, Navigators of Light, and Spirit Walker on-line classes with author/anthropologist/shaman,  Hank Wesselman, Training at Breitenbush, Ore. studying shamanic training with Hank Wesselman

2018,  Sacred Circle week with healer/artist, Kahuna Kalei, on Big Island (July).  Mystical Journey with shaman/astrologist, Michelle Karen, and healer/artist, Kahuna Kalei, on Big Island (December).

2018, Energy Medicine Workshop with Dr. Sue Morter, author of ‘Energy Codes’.

2019-2020, (22 weeks) Sacred Call of Mediumship, with Suzanne Giesemann, author, medium, teacher, former commander in the navy.

2020, (13 weeks) Beginner’s Mediumship & Beginning Psychic Training with Lisa Williams, author, medium, teacher.

2020-(continue) Studying Trance Mediumship with well-known and some not so well-known teachers from UK, Scotland, Australia, & USA.

However,  some of my greatest life teachings have come from loved ones, independent studying, nature/animals, and from my wonderful colleagues and clients.