‘Ancient Spirit Wisdom’ for All Women

November 28th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in QUOTES/(BOOKS ON PINTEREST)

ancient spirit wisdom for all women

The beautiful painting above and the heart-felt poem for your enjoyment below are the gifts of Jassy Watson titled:

‘Ancient Spirit Wisdom’

I am Ancient Spirit Wisdom




I am ancient spirit wisdom
Cosmic Creatress -
all knowing, all seeing, all being.
I am Medicine Woman -
healer, visionary, guide
dream-weaver, dream-keeper.
I am past, present, future,
Divinity Herself.

journey with me
into the dark, vast interior…

She is ancient spirit wisdom
swathed in the mantle of life -
earth, air, fire, water.
She is soul rhythm
drum beat, heartbeat
rattle and hum, rattle and hum.
She is shapeshifter,
spirit bird emerging
from thick smoke spirals,
winged messenger
watching, waiting…

She offers me the lapis mantle,
I am afraid.
Self-doubt lurks in the shadows.
She wraps the mantle
over my bare shoulders -
warm, welcoming, familiar.
Have I been here before?
She embraces me.
Her gentle knowing and
accepting gaze beckons me.
I surrender.

I am transformed.
Heart ablaze
faith renewed,
we unite in Her cosmos,
my wise eternal companion and I.
I Am ancient spirit wisdom,
universal embodiment
of all that was, all that is,
all that will be.

Ancient Spirit Wisdom for Women

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