Dancing Meditation Benefits

January 19th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

dancsing meditation benefit

Author, master trainer, international speaker, and meditation expert, Pragito Dove says “Dancing meditation is one of the easiest ways to discover a calm, quiet, place inside yourself that is filled with joy, wisdom and love.”  When dancing, you release a tremendous amount of tension. The movement of dance is a great way to set this energy free. The following Dancing meditation was created by mystic and teacher Osho, and is called *Osho Nataraj:

dancing meditation benefitsSTAGE ONE: Dancing (40 minutes or only 4 minutes) Play your favorite music, close your eyes, begin to dance letting go of any sense of control. Allow your body to respond to the music any way it likes. Celebrate yourself. Become like a child again, having complete freedom to do any movement you want and become one with the music.

STAGE TWO: Stillness (20 minutes or only 2 minutes)  The next stage of the meditation is silent. Keeping your eyes closed, lie down, be totally silent, and still.

STAGE THREE: Get up and dance again (5 minutes) To complete the meditation, the music starts up again and you dance for five more minutes. Celebrate and enjoy your body and the sense of total freedom dancing like this gives you.

 *Osho Nataraj, dancing meditation is available on CD.

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