Emotional Energy Centers

April 1st, 2016 | Posted by Velda in FEATURE POSTS REVISITED


This month bwb is revisiting our first Feature Post dated December 1, 2012.  Have you ever wondered why we associate matters of love with the “heart area” of the body?   Why do we often hear following phrases such as; ‘weight off  your shoulders,’ or ‘pain in the neck,’ or a ‘feeling in the gut?’  Below shows the Emotional Energy Centers of the body.

emotional energy centers

Our mental, emotional and physical lives aren’t separate after all.   How often do we ignore what our bodies are telling us?  The next time you are wondering what that random pain in your torso is from, perhaps referring to the above diagram will be beneficial.  Also included below is a chart showing the possible physical and emotional signs of blockage for each Chakra.

Emotional Energy Centers

The following chart points our the possible physical or emotional blockages for the individual Chakras.

Blocked Chakras

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