January Journey with Gratitude

January 1st, 2013 | Posted by Velda in RETIRED FEATURE POSTS



I have chosen each month of this year a feature post dedicated to Gratitude and share from Angeles Arriens marvelous book, Living in Gratitude – A Journey That Will Change Your Life. In her book review the question is asked “What would happen if you made Gratitude your focal point for one full year?” 

The following prayer and quote are at the beginning of Angeles Arrien’s January chapter along with this thoughtful question, What do you need to stop, consider, change, and correct, to better support what you envision for yourself  in this New Year?



                                                 May We Appreciate and Remember

januaryfeaturepage          Today may we appreciate this food, and remember those who are hungry.

        May we appreciate our family and friends, and remember those who are alone.

May we appreciate our health, and remember those who are sick.

May we appreciate the freedoms we have,

and remember those who suffer injustice and tyranny.

Peace on Earth.





                          BEGIN ANEW

               For all that has been – Thanks!

                   For all that shall be – Yes!

                    DAG HAMMARSKJOLD

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