Quantum Healing-Deanna M.Minich,Phd

August 31st, 2013 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING | QUOTES/(BOOKS ON PINTEREST)

Quantum Healing by Deanna M. Minich Ph.D.The author writes “Quantum is a word packed with meaning, particularly within physics: as a noun, it’s the ‘smallest quantity of radiant energy,’ and as an adjective, it refers to a ‘sudden and significant’ change. Quantum Healing is about making small changes that produce large, radiant results.”

This is a great book for:

1. Explaining Quantum Healing.

2. Describing the tools of Quantum Healing.

3. Including the A to Z list of over 100 symptoms and diseases.

4. A guide to healing each of the common ailments listed. Guide includes: Physical description; Energy center(s); Nourishment (diet); Emotion(s); Limiting Belief(s); Power Animal; Flower Essence(s); Affirmation(s); Visualization; & Meditation.



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