Root Chakra Checkup & Essential Oils

August 9th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS | OILS

Root Chakra Checkup & Essential Oils Your Root Chakra might need attention:

Root Chakra Checkup & Essential OilsIf you don’t feel at home in your body.

If you worry about the future and meeting obligations.

If you feel like you are loosing your emotional footing.

If you are easily overwhelmed.

If you feel chronically tired and lacking in energy.

If you don’t exercise enough.

If your digestion isn’t working properly.

If you have tendency toward back pain or suffer from sciatica.Root Chakra Checkup & Essential Oils

In the book, A Handbook of Chakra Healing, author Kakashatra Govinda shares how some essential oils have a stimulating & harmonizing effect on the root chakra. The most effective oils are cloves, rosemary, cypress, and cedar.  Use the following aromatherapy methods after your root chakra checkup:

1.  Put a few drops of selected essential oil in an aroma lamp several times throughout the day.  Let it permeate your living and work space.  2.  If traveling or on the move sprinkling a few drops on a cotton ball kept in a plastic zip bag works equally well.  Breathe in the scent whenever you think about it.




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