Animal Spirit Guides Turtles

The Turtle Spirit Guide is the symbol of Mother Earth, fertility, protection, support and security. Native Americans feel the Turtle has power to heal female diseases. Call on Turtle when you need to be more grounded or to slow down and pace yourself. Turtle can also be called on when you need help having more patience, setting boundaries, and developing creative ideas.

If a Turtle shows up real or in a dream, it means: Be self-reliant and less dependent on others. Take time to nurture yourself, then simply observe and feel your emotions. This is a very creative and fertile time. Shield yourself from interferences that threaten to distract you. Spend a few hours away from other people and noise that surrounds you. The wise Turtle knows when to pull inside her shell.

Animal Spirit Guide TurtleAffirmation for Turtle Medicine –

“I am open to moving with the flow of life that I will find fulfillment.”