Huna Teachings-Increase Calm Presence

Emotional calm is a valuable benefit for being more in the present.  The Fourth Principle of Huna is Manawa—Now is the Moment of Power.  In Hawaiian language there is neither past tense nor future tense, therefore, all time is present.  Serge Kahili King, PhD, in his book  Huna Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living, shares the following Fourth Principle technique called i’ano (translates as “being here”) to increase calm presence:

Increase Calm Presence1.  Look and be aware of colors.  Pick out all the whites you see, then the reds, oranges,  yellows, greens, blues, violets, and blacks.  Next look at all the straight lines, and then  curved lines.  Finally look at the shapes of objects and how they relate to each other in space.

2.  Listen to all the sounds you can hear, first high ones and then low ones.  As you listen, you will begin to hear more sounds.  Try to be aware of how what seem to be single sounds at first are often made up of several other sounds.

3.  Touch  shapes, textures, also hardness, softness, temperature, flexibility, and weight.

4.  You may also want to include smelling and tasting.

When a person practices this technique enough, they will discover three things:  (1) Release of stress and tension; (2) An increased feeling of energy, vitality, and well-being; and (3) an expansion of sensory awareness that might possibly change the way they think about the world around them.

Huna Teachings-Increase Calm Presence

Polynesian Goddess Hina

September 13th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in GODDESS WISDOM

Polynesian Goddess - Hina

Polynesion Goddess HinaSerge Kahili King, Ph.D. shares in his article titled, Hawaiian Goddesses, the following: ”Hina seems to be the oldest goddess, for she is known all over the Pacific as Hina, Sina, or ‘Ina.  In many stories she is closely associated with the moon, the ocean, and female activities like tapa making, as well as healing. She has many, many different aspects and epithets covering a wide range of human activities. In the oldest stories she is variously the wife, sister, mother, or grandmother of Maui, and she has also been incorporated into newer religions as the wife of Kane or Ku…”

Tahitian Goddess, Hina,  is known as the Lady in the Moon who shines on us with her changing faces. As the dark moon, she presides over death. As the waxing moon, she is the creator who made people from clay and the moon her home. As the full moon, she embodies a mature woman’s warrior spirit. As the waning moon, She is the aging crone full of wisdom and insight.

During the next full moon, step outside, look up at the moon, and spend some intimate time with The Wise  Hina.  SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

 Hawaiian Harmony "Sacred Light" Exercise

There are several exercises on how to use white light for protection from negativity.  We can visualize having white light come from above our Crown Chakra radiate throughout our chakra system and create a protective bubble in our aura or energy field.

In his book Endless Energy,  Serge Kahili King, Ph.D., shares the Hawaiian concept called la’a kea which means “sacred light” and it is used  differently.  Basically,  put attention on your aura or energy field and make it your intention to have a field of harmony instead of protection surrounding you.

Hawaiian Harmony "Sacred Light" ExerciseSacred Light Practice: 

1.  Take a couple of deep breaths to stimulate your energy field.  For just a moment, imagine you are protected from negativity by a white light or energy that surrounds you.

2.  Now, change that with your mind and your intent from a light of protection to a light of harmony. Visualize that this light around you has the power to harmonize any disharmony.  It has the power to change vibrations so that they become healthy and helpful.

3.  Feel the light of harmony around you and be aware of the difference.

4.  Take a deep breath and come back when you are ready.  There are times that you will want to use white light for protection, but Dr. King believes you will find most of the time that sacred light for harmony will be more beneficial.

Clouds of Color Healing Technique

August 6th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in COLORS

Clouds of Color Healing TechniqueAre you ready to stretch your imagination and practice the following Hawaiian technique called ”Clouds of Color” described in Dr. Serge Kahili King’s book Instant Healing? 

This is a very simple exercise using your imagination and intention.  First familiarize yourself with the healing energy of the following colors.  Next, select the color of cloud you want to use for healing and begin to visualize this cloud wrapping around all of you or the part of your body that needs physical, emotional, or mental healing.  Intent, simply means imagining a specific healing effect that you want the color cloud to have.  Surrounded by bright orange or yellow can increase your strength and endurance.  A soft green or blue cloud can reduce swelling or relieve tension.  You can use color clouds and imagination for any healing needed!

Clouds of Color Healing TechniqueClouds of Color Healing Technique

Clouds of Color Healing TechniqueClouds of Color Healing TechniqueClouds of Color Healing echnique

Clouds of Color Healing TechniqueClouds of Color Healing Technique

Clouds of Color Healing Technique