Crystals for Careers

December 3rd, 2015 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES

Crystals For Careers

I just visited my favorite crystal store and purchased the following book by Philip Permutt called Crystal Chakra Healing- Energy medicine for mind, body, and spirit.  He discusses that his clients’ major underlying problems are associated with their careers.  Many of my clients’ physical, emotional, or mental issues are also related to their current career, wanting to look for another job, or they have a desire to make a total career change.  The stress often includes insomnia, lethargy, digestive disorders, or goes to the weakest part of their body.

The author suggests the following Crystals for:

Crystals & Careers

 The following occupations can benefit from these Crystals:

Crystals for Careers

 Crystals for Careers

 Crystals mentioned above are also great for the following careers:

Apatite (see above) is also a great Crystal for Careers of actors, coaches, trainers, journalists, publishers, singers, teachers, and writers.

Celestite (see below) Crystal for Careers can benefit musicians.

Citrine  (see above) is an excellent Crystal for Careers of Shopkeepers, teachers, and writers.

Rose Quartz (see below) Crystal for Careers can benefit musicians and writers.

Tourmaline—Pink (see below) Crystal for Careers can benefit politicians.

Crystals for Careers

 Watch for more Crystals for Careers in the future!