Goddess Wisdom - Stop Worrying

I am excited to introduce this new category exploring the wisdom and rituals of different Goddesses. Today we look at Artemis the Greek Goddess of hunt, wild animals, wilderness, child birth, virginity, and protector of young girls.  The modern Artemis woman is drawn to nature.  Ancient wisdom of these images of womanhood was never completely eliminated.  The old ways of the Goddess took refuge in mid-wifery, herbal healers, witchcraft, Tarot cards, astrology, and alchemy.

Goddess Wisdom - Stop Worrying

I am hoping this new category will help to rekindle the Goddess within you. The following Artemis Wisdom is found in Goddess, Guide Me! by authors Amy Zerner & Monte Farber:




To ground your worries, find a stone you are drawn to and is large enough for an inscription.  Purify it with scented soap and water.  Then dry it well.  Apply the following words to the stone’s surface with colored paints:

Worry be gone, also my fear.

Dear Mother Earth

Will ground them here.

Walk in a straight line to a place where you can bury this rock in the earth or a flower pot.  Bury the rock with conviction, knowing that what you are doing will have practical results.  As you bury it, recite the words inscribed on the rock six times.  Turn around and walk away, knowing that you have left your worries behind.