making a space-clearing rattle

Space Clearing techniques have been used throughout history to create greater harmony and balance. The sound of a rattle can clear negative energy transmuting it into positive and vibrant energy.  In Tess Whitehurst book The Good Energy Book she gives us the following instructions on making an effective space-clearing rattle.  You will need:

space-clearing rattle for balance & harmony1 large saltshaker with handle (Can be found on Amazon)

2 small handfuls of dry white beans

2 small handfuls dry black beans

1 clove garlic (or use eight whole pieces of allspice, anise, or cloves)

sunlight or white sage (first purify empty shaker by placing in sunlight or white sage smoke 1-2 minutes)

Take a small handful of the white beans in the right hand cradled in the left.  Visualize the beans glowing and pulsating with a bright white light. Mentally empower them with the intention to help purify the space and bring in balance and harmony. Follow by doing the same empowerment with small handful of black beans, then garlic if used cut up into 8 pieces or other recommended spices, and then the remainder of the white beans, and black beans. Close the lid, with the rattle in both hands hold it up to your heart to align with your energy and blessingSpace Clearning Rattle for Balance & Harmony.




You can start space-clearing a room and move in a counterclockwise direction while loudly shaking your rattle. Pay special attention to corners and anywhere energy might be stuck.  Replace both the beans, garlic or spices periodically to keep the energy the rattle fresh.  Get ready, get set, go, start rattling!