Five-Minute Daily Energy Routine

February 11th, 2019 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

five-minute daily energy routine

Can you spare five minutes in your day to begin practicing a routine that will stimulate each of the vital energy systems of the body and bring them into harmony and balance?  Donna Eden is a well-known pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine that teaches and writes about an energy routine that will bring balance and strengthen your body and it’s simple.  Here is Donna Eden’s Five-Minute Daily Energy Routine.

 First The Three Thumps:  Boosts and restores energy, increases strength and vitality, and strengthens the immune system.

five-minute dailiy energy routine

five-minute daily energy routinefive-minute daily energy routine

Second the Cross Crawl: Balances and harmonizes energy, improves coordination, clears thinking.

five-minute daily energy routine

Third  the Wayne Cook Posture:  Takes you out of the overwhelm, focuses your mind, enhances ability to learn.

five-minute daily energy routine

Last the Crown Pull:  Relieves mental congestion and headaches, clears and refreshes the mind, sharpens memory, opens the crown chakra to higher inspiration.

five-minute daily energy routine

I was fortunate to attend a workshop with Donna and her husband several years ago.  She is truly an inspiration and proof to me how important Energy Medicine is for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.   You can also follow Donna Eden’s Five-Minute Daily Energy Routine online.  (This post was originally published February 17, 2014.)

TripleWarmer/Spleen Balancing Hug

It is very important we help our Triple Warmer and Spleen have a balanced relationship. Triple Warmer is our survival mechanism. The Spleen processes everything physical and emotional and very much cares about the quality and harmony in our life.  Triple Warmer and Spleen sit across from each other on the meridian wheel so they pull energy from each other. Usually Triple Warmer  is hogging all the energy from the Spleen.  Sedating Triple Warmer and strengthening Spleen (and keeping them balanced) is one of the core concepts and practices of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine.

I invite you to start practicing the following Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug Exercise:Triple Warmer/Spleen Balancing Hug

Start with Right Hand – To Support Immune System

1.  Place your right hand under your left breast, the fingers are wrapping the rib cage resting on the Spleen
Neurolymphatic point.

Triple Warmer/Spleen Balancing HugThen with Left Hand – To Calm Stressed Body

2.  Place your left hand so that the fingers are resting on
the back of your arm just above the elbow. Hold this
position for a couple of minutes.

3.  You can switch to the other side if you like.

4.  This is great to do anytime you would normally want
to cross your arms. 

Triple Warmer/Spleen Balancing Hug

 Triple Warmer Tap for Fear

The Triple Warmer Tap is from Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine for Women. When you are caught in fear, anxiety, or a phobia, tapping a point on the triple warmer meridian (gamut spot in EFT), which governs the fight-or-flight response, can alleviate the fear.  The following exercise takes about a minute or as needed to “sedate” your feeling of fear or stress:

Triple Warmer Tap For Fear1. Place the hand to be tapped over the center of your chest.

2. With your other hand, tap it on the valley between the ring finger and little finger, above the knuckle (toward the wrist).  Tap firmly, about 10 times, breathing deeply.

3. Pause and take another deep breath.

4. Tap about 30 more times.

5. Repeat steps above switching hands.