This is the last of the series of the Jin Shin Jyutsu® 8 finger poses described by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte in their book The Touch of Healing. Today we will cover both Finger Pose 7 & 8 which stated in the book helps bring harmony to the total being.

finger pose 7 exhaling the dirt dust and grime

Finger Pose 7 aids in releasing general daily tension and stress from the head, lungs, digestive functions, abdomen, and legs. it also strengthens the ability to exhale and unloads any accumulated dirt, dust, and greasy grime.

Technique:  Touch the palm sides of the left and right middle fingers in the folded hands position (as shown in illustration). 

 Finger Pose 7 inhaling the purified breath of life

This last Finger Pose 8 helps to release the tension in the back and promotes an overall feeling of well-being.  It also strengthens our ability to inhale and receive the purified breath of life.

Technique:  Bring the left and right middle fingernails together (see illustration). Hold these positions for several minutes and whenever you feel a need for improving exhaling or inhaling for body, mind, and spirit harmony.

(Watch for future posts on Jin Shin Jyutsu® hand and feet sequences that address disharmonies affecting body, mind, and spirit.)