Golden Crystal Shower Meditation

Today I took a lovely walk with my daughter through the botanical garden. The January sun was shining through the trees with the strong reminder color is a positive source of energy.  The authors Simon Lilly & Lilian Verner-Bonds demonstrates the power of color in their book, Crystal & Colour Healing Using the Powers of Nature for Health and Harmony.  One of the meditations in the book is called ‘The Golden Crystal Shower’.  The authors tell us that the color gold is used to lift the spirits and encourage the inner lights to burn brightly within us.

Golden Crystal Show MeditationThe following is my version of Golden Crystal Shower Meditation:

1.  Make yourself comfortable. Take a deep breath in and on exhaling imagine lying in a meadow, surrounded with trees and a stream nearby.  A gentle breeze moves through the trees and ripples the water.

2. Visualize looking up at the blue sky and begin to focus on the shimmering sun-gold rays showering through the trees.  Allow these sunrays to vibrate gently as they touch your body and turn to dew drops that are absorbed by your skin.

3. Feel an internal warmth deep inside you as the golden hue surges around your body, creating a wonderful glow.  When you are ready take a deep breath in and on exhaling open your eyes. Your mind and body have now been recharged and revitalized.