Goddss Wisdom-Atlantia's Ritual Chant

Here is what Amy Zerner & Monte Farber shared about Atlantia in their Goddess Guide Me Divine Wisdom For Your Head, Heart, and Home.  Atlantia is a conception of the attributes that would have been ascribed to the Goddess by women and men of the mythical lost continent of Atlantis.  In their writing,  Atlantia is Goddess of the Unexpected and the Atlantean Goddess of Invention.  She, ultimately, represents the completely independent female half of a partnership with an equally independent male.

The following Is Atlantia’s ritual and chant: MAKE THAT CHANGE!

Goddess Wisdom-Atlantia's Ritual Chant1.  Use at lease three stones or crystals to form a triangle on the ground large enough for you to sit within it cross-legged.  Hold a small drum, rattle or other percussion instrument, which represents woman’s connection to the rythyms of life.

2.  Breathe deeply and with each inhalation, visualize new and exciting changes entering your life and your triangle of power.  With every exhalation imagine the old and outdated leaving you and your triangle.  Strike your drum or shake the rattle as you recite the following words:

Goddess of the new,

Goddess of all change,

Help my situation,

Watch it rearrange.

3.  Keep reciting these words in time to the drum until you lose yourself in the chant.  You will find that when you have stopped dwelling on your situation, you will be struck with a new idea on how to proceed.  You can then leave the triangle.Goddess Wisdom-Atlantias's Ritual Chant

4.  Next move eleven things in your home, that you have not moved in a year.

5.  Give away eleven articles of clothing you have not worn in a year.

Hopefully with practicing this ritual, you will take on the roll of Atlantia and begin to address any necessary issues.   Unexpected positive results from your efforts to make changes in your life will follow.