Shivalinga Mudra-Energy CharglingGertrud Hirschi recommends the following Shivalinga Mudra in her book Mudras Yoga in Your Hands. Do as often as you like, or two times a day for 4 minutes and imagine your left hand is a mortar and your right hand is a pestle.

1.  Hold the fingers of the left hand close together level with the abdomen with elbows pointing outward and slightly forward. Left hand is shaped like a bowl to hold the right hand.

2.  Right hand forms fist with thumb pointing upwards.  It also symbolizes the masculine force

3.  During your first breaths, mentally let whatever makes you feel dissatisfied, listless, or depressed, fall like dark pebbles into your left hand.  With your right hand, grind everything into dust, then blow it away.Shivalinga Mudra-Energy Charging

4.  (Optional) Hold a Shiva Lingam Jasper in the right hand helps the healing process.

5.  Affirmation repeated several times at the end:  Healing light illuminates every cell of my body, dissolves everything that should be dissolved, and builds up what must be built up again. Thank you!