Opening the Root Chakra Exercise

September 12th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS

Movements for opening the Root Chakra involves the feet, legs, and hips.  I have combined two simple exercises from the book Healing with The Energy of the Chakras by Ambika Wauters. It is more fun and enjoyable doing the Root Chakra movements to music.  It helps take away any sense of exercising.

Opening Root Chakra Exercise1. Spread your feet about a foot apart.

2. Take a deep breath through the nose, rise up on your toes, bend the knees, then come down on heels. At the same time release your breath and let out a sound. I like to visualize my heels as roots going into the ground.

3. Repeat several times.  Emphasis on the downward movements of the heels.

4. Next walk on your toes with your arms raised in the air.  Shake your hips from side to side. Feel free to sway your arms with the music.

5. This exercise is grounding and allows energy to flow through you freely.  ”Your soul is on the bottoms of your feet”, a quote by Gabrielle Roth, a modern American Shaman, dancer, and teacher.

Mist Potion for Healing, Harmony & Balance

July 26th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in OILS

rose water potion restores balance

Here is another mist potion for healing, harmony, and balance from Tess Whitefurst’s book The Good Energy Book.  This mist also helps with relationship harmony and healing.  Start with a 4 oz. mister of rose water (pure rose water can be found in stores like Whole Foods or online).   Add to the Rose Water four drops rose essence and twenty drops pure therapeutic lavender essential oil.

Some Recommended Uses:

After bathing or showers-hydrating for skin

Grounding – Meditation

Diffuse for Energy Clearing

Spray Linens for peaceful sleep

mist potion for harmony balance & healing


Fossils-Orthoceras Healing Properties

April 14th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES

healing properties of orthoceras fossils

Here are some informative facts to know about the 400 million year old fossilized extinct marine animals called Orthoceras. They are the ancestors of our modern day squid and are conical shape as shown above. Like most fossils, Orthoceras are referred to as stones and are sold in Rock & Gemstone Stores. 

Here are some of the healing properties of this fossil: The Orthoceras relates to the Root Chakra and is very grounding; Traditionally, fossils have been used to aid in reducing tiredness, anxiety, balance emotions, and make one feel more confident;  I almost always use this fossil for skeletal system issues with back, hands and feet.  Tomorrow I will share facts about the Ammonites fossils.

Grounding – Breathing Technique

November 13th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

womanholdingnoseHere is a quick breathing technique to help ground yourself, clear the mind and helps alliviate headaches.  You will use calming, grounding statements as you breathe, like:

Inhaling (through left nostril, closing right nostril with right thumb), “I am breathing in calm” or “I am breathing in good energy.”

(Close left nostril)  Exhaling (through right nostril), ”I am breathing out anxiety” or “I am breathing out bad energy ,” or “I am safe.”

 Repeat rounds 6-10 times, focus on keeping breath smooth, deep and rhythmic.  You will not want to practice this exercise if you have a cold.  If pregnant, please check with your healthcare provider.

Watch for future grounding posts using gemstones, essential oils and my favorite, hugging trees!


Balancing the Brain Hemispheres

November 12th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

HarmonystoneThis grounding technique is called, balancing the brain hemispheres.  Many of my clients and I practice this exercise because it is so relaxing. Place both hands on the sides of your head so the palms are resting on the temples and the fingers cradle (wrap around) the crown of your head.  The fingers from both hands will possibly touch at the top of the head.  Hold firmly but not too tight.  Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  This  is an opportunity to become aware of what your body needs regarding how many seconds it takes before you feel grounded and balanced.

Look for another grounding tip tomorrow!

Grounding Techniques

November 10th, 2012 | Posted by Velda in ENERGY HEALING

grounded woman with rootsAre you grounded?  At times we all experience stress, emotional irritability, not feeling connected, a little spaced out, and an inability to focus.  This is when we are definitely not grounded.  Here is a quick grounding technique that can be done in a few moments:

Stand up, give your body a doggy shake to loosen up.  Then start bouncing up and down on the balls of your feet for about 20 seconds.  Relax, close your eyes, if you choose, and feel the earth energy entering into your feet.  Doing this as often as needed during the day is very beneficial and you will start to realize your increased awareness of the grounding energyREMEMBER be open.  This an excellent exercise to do as soon as you hop out of bed.  It is energizing.  Then before you drop into bed at night, a few up and down bounces will help you sleep.

More grounding tips tomorrow!