Animal Spirit Guide Musk Ox

I can’t be in Alaska without writing about the Musk Ox.  Experts say that musk oxen accompanied the woolly mammoth across the Bering land bridge during the last ice age. They were hunted to near extinction by the 1850s. With a bit of governmental intervention and the hard work of forward-thinking conservationists, musk oxen once again thrive on Musk Ox farms in Alaska.

Animal Spirit Guide Musk OxWhen Musk Ox appear:  It is a sign that the emotional climate you have been enduring will begin to lighten.  You are experiencing a strength that comes from many years of endurance.  Meet any challenges head-on with courage and persistence.

Call on Musk Ox when: You are in an environment that is physically challenging.  If you require the ability to withstand coldness from others.  There is a need for guidance in staying detached from emotional drama of others.

If Musk Ox is your Power Animal: You find strength in numbers and enjoy being surrounded by friends and family.  You maintain a primal connection with the ancient earth.  You are very protective of family and ideals and never back down from a challenge.

animal spirit guide musk ox


I see challenges as opportunities for growth.

I joyfully handle any situation that presents itself as I move forward in my life path.

My courage is always with me.