Headache Foot Massage PointsHow to Apply Thumb Pressure to Reflexology points:  Press and hold the points with your thumb. Apply gentle pressure at first.  Advanced techniques are performed by applying small semi-circular movements, walking with your thumb along the reflexology points like taking small steps, or simply rubbing the thumb slightly up and down.

Timing: Apply pressure to each point of the affected area for a minute or two and no longer.  It is wise to release these energy blocks over a span of a few days or weeks.  Always massage both feet.

If the headache is caused by stress and tension, first try to relax by taking a warm bath and  some deep breaths.  After, apply pressure to the points on the inside area of the big toe and on the fleshy part on the center of the toe. Finally, apply pressure to the root of the big toe.

For sinus headache: The fleshy centers of all the toes and the tips of the toes and outer edges of the big toe.

Eye strain headache: The point between the second and third toe bones at the base of the toes. Also rub the root of the second and third toes.

Headache from shoulder and neck tension: Apply pressure to the neck area and shoulder area.