Chakra-Energy Massage

June 19th, 2014 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS

Chakra-Energy Massage

The aim of chakra-energy massage is to stimulate and improve the functioning of the chakras and help in the recovery of one’s physical and mental harmony.  Author Kalashatra Govinda in her book, A Handbook of Chakra Healing Spiritual Practice for Health, Harmony, and Inner Peace, shares how easily it is to use this technique on yourself.  To follow the chakra-energy massage directions below, which is widely practiced in India today, all that is required is a sensitive touch and the power of your imagination:

Chakra-Energy MassageLie on your back and place hands gently over one of the chakras with your fingers intertwined.  Relax.

Next place left palm on the chakra because the left hand is connected to the right side of the brain and the powers of imagination.  Rest the right hand lightly on top of the left hand.

Energy will be transmitted through the hand chakras to the chakra you have chosen.  Begin to breathe deeply and visualize sending the color corresponding to this chakra.

I also include sending a message of healing for the chakra’s highest good.  When you are finished with this chakra’s energy massage, it is okay to practice on another chakra of your choice. Believe me,  your chakras will thank you.