Goddess Brigit's Ritual-Make A Decision!Brigit inspires, empowers and encourages us to express our truth through our purpose.  She offers assistance in releasing and transcending fears; self-limiting patterns and unhealed energy, helping us to feel protected and supported through any and all aspects of self-expression.

Brigit is the Celtic Goddess of Communication and her following ritual helps one to accept help from Mother Nature when making decisions:

1.  Select ribbons of different colors to represent two courses of action and write each on one of the ribbons.

2.  Tie them on a tree branch, symbol of the Brigit’s Sacred Grove, and recite the following incantation three times as you do so:

I take these ribbons

And tie them to the tree.

Whichever way the wind blows

Reveals my path to me.

3.  Return to the tree in a few days and check the ribbons, they can help you-MAKE A DECISION!  The ribbon whose words are clearer to you holds the choice to make.  If there is no change in the ribbons, then postpone your decision.  GoddessBrigit'sRitual-MakeADecision