Middle Finger Energy Meditation #3


Hindus call this finger the heavenly finger and classify it with the throat chakra, which both are called “keeper of the threshold.” This symbolism represents the gateway of purity, which only opens when the student is pure in spirit and in heart.  In order to progress on our spiritual journey, we must fulfill our duties on Earth.  This is indicated by its inherent meridians (circulation and gallbladder.)  Both help us seize and master the challenges of life.  Drive, activity, risk, and the joy of taking action are their qualities.

Middle Finger Energy Meditation #3 is described in Mudras Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi.   Either sit or lie down.  Encircle the right middle finger with the four left hand fingers.  Close your eyes and begin:

Middle Finger Energy Meditation #3

1.  Imagine yourself doing what you enjoy doing the most, using your talents to master all obstacles placed in your path.

2.  You are successful at what you do and mentally envision what that success looks like.

3.  What you do enriches your family, friends, individual human beings and/or the entire world.

4..  Extensively imagine the constant contact with the divine forces that help show you the way.

Middle Finger Energy Meditation #3


5.  Ask inner wisdom for guidance, if you are not satisfied with your occupation, or have no leisure activities or interests that suit you.   Also ask for the initiative, which the middle finger symbolizes, to actually tackle the matter at hand.

6.  Above all, request help from the divine powers—enter into a close, trusting partnership with them.

7.  Keep holding your finger in silence for a short time and feel the flowing warmth.  Lastly, encircle the left middle finger with your four right-handed fingers and hold.  These hand positions have an excellent effect on tension in the neck.