Liver3:great pouring-soothes, calms, relieves

Liver 3 (Great Pouring) is an important acupressure point for self-healing. It is a soothing point, calming the mind and relieving spasms. It subdues excess yang or stimulates stagnant energy in the liver, which helps facilitate the relief of migraines, frustration, anger, and the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.  It strengthens the liver, besides overcoming the effects of exercise, stress, strain and toxins in the body.

liver 3 great pouring soothes calms relieves


Here is an easy acupressure exercise:

Location: The web between the bones leading to the big toe and second toe (as shown in the pictures).  Place the fingers under the foot for support and press into the point with the thumb being careful to apply pressure in the hollow between the bones and the tendons rather than on the tendons.

There may be some tenderness.  Rub in small circles and imagine you are spreading chi (energy).  Repeat for other foot.