finger pose 1: exhaling burdens/blockages

First I want to thank a colleague for practicing with me the 8 finger mudra poses from the book The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte to experience the healing vibration before covering them in BWB.  We were both very amazed at the vibrational energy felt and how it moved to appropriate and different areas on both of us.

Start: by holding the palm side of left middle finger lightly with right thumb placing the rest of the right fingers on the back side of left middle finger.  This pose aids in releasing generalized tension and stress head to toe.  It helps with exhaling harmful stagnation and blockages of energy.  One can spend as little as a few minutes practicing finger pose 1 mudra on left middle finger then repeat pose 1 mudra on right middle finger.

The authors recommend this mudra can also be used with any of the following concerns: 1. I can’t see well.  2. I have a hard time exhaling. 3. I get frustrated.  4. I’m tired all the time. &  5. I have trouble making up my mind – I’m a procrastinator.

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