Finger Meditations: #1 Thumb Exercise

This week I hope you will join me to explore the positive experiences from finger meditation exercises found in the book, Mudras Yoga in Your Hands, by Gertrud Hirschi.  These remind me of the subtle Jin Shin Jyutsu®  jumper cable techniques we learned last year.  The author points out that the lung meridian, (fire element), is associated with the thumb.  The fire of the thumb nourishes the energy of the other fingers and absorbs excess energy.  We can actually strengthen every part of the body or every organ by visualizing and/or breathing light and warmth into it.

Finger Meditations: # 1 Thumb Energy

1.  Sit or lie down.  Encircle your right thumb with the four fingers of the left hand and place the left thumb along the inner edge of your right hand.

2.  Close your eyes and focus on a part of the body that is weak or ill.  Now imagine that a light is glowing in the lower center of your body near the navel.

3.  Every time you exhale, direct the rays of light toward the respective part of the body.  Visualize large, dark clouds of smoke, (things that make you ill, feel pain, or fatigue), escape from the illuminated body part.

4.  Concentrate on the glowing light that slowly fills and heals this part of the body.  Calmly keep holding onto your right thumb for a while and feel the flowing warmth.  To complete this meditation finish by encircling the left thumb with the right fingers and hold this thumb for a short time.

Join me tomorrow for Meditation #2: Index Finger Energy.