Waning Half-Moon's Healing Gift

Sometimes restless nights can bring magic.  The last couple of nights, I have gotten up after midnight to see a beautiful Half-Moon.  Fortunately I was able to stretch out on the sofa and gaze at it’s magnificence and begin to feel this calming energy penetrate my whole being. From January 1 until the New Moon on January 9, we can work with the Waning Moon energy to banish  unwanted situations, harmful relationships, associations, or break bad habits.  This is a good time to replace negative with positive and balance the energies within our body.  We can start with self-analysis, rest, meditation, and getting prepared for the energies of the New Moon.  It is also significant to know that the Waning Moon phase brings a conscious process of creative release.

Nature's Energy Gift, Waning Half-Moon

This is a wonderful time to include help from any crystals such as Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Ruby in Fuchsite, Pink Kunzite and/or Danburite.  These Crystals carry an energy of unconditional love.  They are a reminder that we need to care and love ourselves first so we are then healthy and whole in our relationships and in service to others.

Waning Half-Moon's Heailng Gift

The Waning Moon is a beautiful reminder to Rest, Recoup, Recharge!



Stress & Trauma Crystal Grid

November 11th, 2015 | Posted by Velda in GEMSTONES

Stress & Trauma Crystal Grid

We all probably have experienced a shock, accident or a loss, which leaves us feeling profoundly shaken and insecure.  This crystal healing grid helps to release stress and prevents the shock from continuing to control emotions, mental replays and tense muscles.

1.  You will need 8 small Clear Quartz Crystals with one end pointed, 1 Rose Quartz, and 1 Tiger’s Eye.  Find a quiet place to lie down.

2.  Put Rose Quartz on the Heart Chakra (center of breasts)  surrounded with 4 Clear Quartz Crystals placed diagonally with the points facing outward.

3.  Next place the Tiger’s Eye on The Sacral Chakra (below the navel) surrounded with 4 Clear Quartz Crystals also placed diagonally but with the points facing inward.

4.  The stones at the heart releases emotional tension. The stones on the abdomen balance the lower chakras, which brings stability and grounded energy needed.  Continue regular use of this layout until the stress or trauma signs disappear.

Stress & Trauma Crystal Grid