Rose Water Energy Base In Mist Potions

June 28th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in OILS

rose water base of mist potionsRose Water is recommended as a great base for mist potions by Tess Whitehurst in her book, The Good Energy Book, because roses have a very clear and positive energyRose Water is a by product of the production of rose oil. When rose petals and water are distilled, the leftover liquid is used as rose water. If purchasing rose water it is important to buy only the 100 percent pure form. Below are two energy mist potions you can make using Rose Water, flower essences and/or essential oils:rose water mist potion for clear vibe/quiet mind

Clear Vibe/Quiet Mind: A mister* of rose water with four drops of white chestnut essence, four drops crab apple essence, and fifteen drops essential oil of cedar.rose water base energy mist potion

 General Well-Being and Stress Relief:  A mister* of rose water with four drops Rescue Remedy, ten drops essential oil of peppermint, and ten drops of lavender.

* Author did not indicate what size mister bottle but I recommend 4 oz. mister of Rose Water.