Violet Stones for Brow & Crown Chakras

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Violet stones have a natural affinity to the Brow and  Crown Chakras.  The following Violet stones combines the red and blue vibrations to bring a state of balance wherever required, while having a special focus on the workings of the mind:

Violet Stones for Brow & Crown ChakrasAMETHYST

1.  Prized as master healer.

2.  Colors varies from very dark, almost black, through purple to a delicate violet.

3.  Calming and stabilizing to all areas, including the mind.

4.  Reduces restlessness, irritation, and worry.

5.  Balances Brow & Crown Chakras – can be used anywhere.

6.  Helpful for meditation – place on Brow or above Crown Chakra.

FLUORITEViolet Stones for Brow & Crown Chakras

1.  Fluorite is characterized by internal bands of color and clearly visible planes of cleavage.

2.  Common colors are blues and violets, green, yellow and clear.

3.  Balancer of Brow and Crown Chakra.

4.  Helps to integrate spiritual energies in a balanced way to any level of the body.

5.  It will encourage orderliness and structure.

6.  Improves levels of physical co-ordination and mental agility.

Violet Stones for Brow & Crown ChakrasSUGILITE

1.  Known as the new age stone.

2.  Colors are lilac, violet,  and opaque.

3.  Sugilite is one of the most powerful healing stones and is suitable for all chakras, but especially for the Brow & Crown Chakras.

4.  The nervous system is balanced by this stone.

5.  Helps sensitive individuals who feel unable to keep up with the changes within society and technology.

6.  Supports people who are dependent on drugs and gives them more determination and power to withdraw from their dependency.

I have used the following books for references:  The Great Encyclopedia of Healing Stones, Fragrances & Herbs published by Methusalem from Germany.  Also Simon & Susan Lilly’s book, Using Crystals For Healing.


Obsidian Net for Cleansing/Transformation

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Obsidian Net for Cleansing/Transformation

Sue and Simon Lilly share with us, the Obsidian Net in their book, Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies.   This layout (shown above) allows the energies needed for cleansing and transformation to be gently integrated into the subtle bodies.  Repeating this procedure regularly will bring about significant changes.  You will need five obsidian stones and a red or black cloth to lie on.

1.  Place one obsidian above the top of the head; two level with the neck/shoulder area; and two at the feet.

2.  Lie within the net for three or four minutes.  Then take as much time as needed before resuming normal activity.  Remember to drink water to help integration.

Osidian Net for Cleansing/TransformationSue and Simon Lilly continues to share the following information on the black volcanic glass (obsidian) which is ideal for transforming energy patterns:

Obsidian is an effective grounding stone, but its most useful attribute is the ability to draw hidden imbalances to the surface and release them.  This needs to be done with care as most hidden things are buried because they are uncomfortable to face.  There are times when outdated patterns need to be broken to release the energy that is being wasted in supporting them.  Obsidian is ideal when a transformation is needed, bringing fiery energy from deep within the earth to purify and cleanse.




Citrine Healing Grid Benefits

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Citrine Healing Grid BenefitsThe Citrine Healing Grid uses Citrine and Clear Quartz to increase energy levels, clear the mind, improve communication skills, and adaptability.  It is a valuable net for those who are studying. However, it may be uncomfortable for you, if you do not need extra energy this net can provide.

You will need:  A yellow or white cloth to lie on, 3 citrine tumbled stones, 2 clear quartz tumbled stones, and 1 clear quartz point.

Citrine Grid Layout:  Place the clear quartz point on the forehead with the point towards the top of your head. Tape the clear quartz tumble stones to the top of the feet between the tendons of the third and second toes. Place one citrine just above the navel on the solar plexus and hold the other two citrines in the hands.

If your citrine stones have a natural point at one end point the one above the navel downwards and the ones in the hands away from the body.

When you first use this healing layout relax in this position for around 5 minutes, practice regularly.

 This layout is from Sue and Simon Lilly’s book Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies.

Calm Heart with Green Stone & Crystals

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Calm Heart with Green Stone & Crystals

The Green Heart Exercise is featured in Simon & Susan Lilly’s books ‘Using Crystals for Healing’ and ‘Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies’.  To practice this calming exercise, you need one green stone (your choice) and two small clear single pointed crystals. Find a quiet place to relax as shown above:

1. Place the green stone on your heart chakra.  In your left palm hold the clear crystal pointed up the arm and inward to the heart chakra.  Hold the other clear crystal in the right hand pointed down away from the body.

2. Visualize a flow of energy coming from your left hand to your heart and from your heart down the right hand out of your body.  Feel the calm energy filling you up from the left crystal and draining the tension down and out through the right crystal.

3. Important – now change the quartz points in each hand around so the flow moves in the other direction.  Repeat this process.

4. After five minutes remove the quartz points from your hands and experience the calm green energy at the heart chakra. This is a good time to check in with the rest of your body. Feel free to place the green stone on any other area of the body where there is pain or the need for extra calming energy.





Carnelian Energy Net For Healing Etheric Body

carnelian healing net for Etheric Body

The Etheric Body gives vitality, health, life and organization to the Physical Body.  Simon Lilly & Susan Lilly in their book Using Crystals for Healing, illustrates The Carnelian Energy Net for Healing the Etheric Body.  They recommend using this gemstone treatment at any time to help release trauma from deep in the body.  The authors point out that this may sometimes bring old symptoms or pain to the surface before they can be completely removed.

Directions for Carnelian Energy Healing Net:

carnelian healing net for etheric body1.  You will need six tumbled Carnelians and an orange cloth to lie on.

2.  Place one Carnelian above the top of your head, place one stone at either side of the body at the level of the sacral chakra. These two stones will rest outside your arms when you are lying down on the orange cloth. (Refer to illustration above showing placement of stones.)

3.  Place another stone between the legs at mid-calf level and another below it near the ankles.  The last stone is placed at the base of your throat and near the thymus.

4.  Use net exercise for five minutes at a time. It can be revisited regularly.