Linga Mudra for Immune System & More

Today lets look at the benefits of Linga Mudra. We have the author Gertrud Hirsch to thank for such an informative and easy to understand book called MUDRAS YOGA in your HANDS.  This mudra increases the powers of resistance against coughs, colds, and chest infections.  It helps loosen mucus that collects in the lungs.  It also increases the body temperature when needing a fever to help kill bacteria. In order to stimulate your immune system and increase body temperature, the author suggests you can practice the following exercise before doing the Linga Mudra.

Linga Mudra for Immune System & MoreExercise: “Throwing the Illness Behind You”  (Repeat at least ten times)

Basic position: Stand up, spread legs slightly, knees somewhat bent, and hands are in front of the chest.

Inhalation: Throw your arms behind you, turn your head to the right, and look over your shoulder.

Exhalation: Return your hands to your chest and turn head to the front.

Linga Mudra for Immune systemVisualization can be added: Imagine a fire within your body that burns the bacteria and waste.

Affirmation can be added: My powers of resistance develop more and more from moment to moment.

Now it is time to practice the Lunga Mudra. Your immune system will be so grateful.