First lets review Chi (pronounced chee and also spelled qi or ch’i). It is the life giving, vital energy that unites body, mind, and spirit. Simon G.Brown states in his book, Chi Energy Workbook: ”Imagine the flow of Chi as a radiating energy ‘field’ that runs through you and around you transporting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, but mixing in with other dynamic influences around you as well.”

conception vessel 6 for chi functions

By applying acupressure to Conception Vessel 6 (CV6), this can help regulate the Chi functions and Chi circulation in your body. This is one of the most empowering acupressure points on the body. Location: Two finger widths below the navel (see above illustration).  Technique: Using the middle finger, apply pressure perpendicularly and use gentle rotating movements with the fingertip. Benefits: 1.  Develops vitality, strengthens immune system, urinary system, benefits kidneys, and sexual reproductive system; 2. Good for relieving stomachache, abdominal cramping, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, and menstrual cramp; 3. For constipation press CV6 two or three times a day to relieve or prevent constipation and irritable bowel (also include deep breathing); 4. Good for emotional stability, deepening spiritual awareness, sense of self, used for self-abuse, addictive behavior, and co-dependency issues. I generally do not include this many attributes for an acupressure point, but today it seemed appropriate to cover the majority.

Smelling Oils Strengthen Energy Systems

January 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Velda in OILS

The following essential oils frequency vibration have an effect on the human energy systems that can create positive change:smelloilstostrengthenenergysystems

Carnation - Stimulates and cleanses the entire Auric Field, and strengthens the aura.

Gardenia - Prevents energy drains, strengthens the aura, helps stabilize the aura around disruptive people and situations.

Sandalwood – Purifying  & protective, strengthens aura, relieves nervous tension, stress and helps keep one grounded.

Eucalyptus - Assists breathing, relaxation, cleansing, and good for nightmares.smellingessentialoilsstrengthenenergysystems

Lemon - Cleansing, stimulates clarity of thought, used daily it helps eliminate stress from the mind and aura.

Rose - Gentle, strengthens the aura, good for shock, heartbreak, grief, depression, soothes anger, good all-rounder.

Sage - Powerful cleanser, grounding, calming, eases stress & tension, strengthens the aura and cleanses the environment.

You can decide which essential oil resonates with you by a sniff test to find the one that makes you feel better. More tomorrow on using essential oils meditation technique.  (Myra Sri’s book,  Secrets Behind Energy Fields –  Strengthen & Clear Your Entire Body Using Proven, Ancient Techniques, covers the use of essential oils for strengthening the energy systems of the body.)