Visualizing & Strengthening Our Aura

November 19th, 2017 | Posted by Velda in CHAKRAS | ENERGY HEALING

Visualizing & Strengthening Our AuraThe Human Aura is an energy field that surrounds human beings. It is directly connected to the energy vortices of the body’s seven chakras.

Ted Andrews discusses several ways we can vitalize and strengthen our personal aura in his book, How To See and Read The Aura. In Chapter One, he reports the aura is weakened by the following:  poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, lack of rest, stress, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, negative habits, and improper psychic activity.

Here are his simple suggestions for vitalizing and strengthening the human aura: Sunlight strengthens the auric field;  Physical exercise and fresh air are extremely vitalizing to the aura; Eating less food but more frequently has a more balanced effect upon the aura; Keeping the bowels clean assists in keeping the aura strong and resilient; Meditation is strengthening and protective; and music or chanting can be used to balance and strengthen the auric field.

Visualizing & Strengthening Our Aura

 Here are four steps to an Aura Strengthening Meditation.  Spend 3-5 minutes per step:

  1. Breathe deeply and slowly at first, sensing the presence of the bioenergy “life force” within you.
  2. Feel this energy flowing through you and imagine that it’s cleansing you.
  3. Visualize this energy within your body radiating more and more. See if you can see/sense the color of the energy.
  4. While visualizing the energy (and color if possible), direct this nourishing energy to the area of the body that needs healing (e.g. areas of the body where pain resides, or feels weak).

Visualizing & Strengthening Our Aura




Pair White/Black For Healing Combo

April 25th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in COLORS


Both white and black contains the entire light spectrum for color therapy.  White strengthens, cleanses, and purifies the entire energy system.  It can awaken our creativity.  It is a color that amplifies the effects of other colors.  Black is protective, grounding, and calms extremely sensitive individuals.  Black is most effective when used in conjunction with white which balances our polarities putting life and its craziness into proper perspective.  Black is always better used in combination with another color because often too much black can aggravate emotional and mental conditions.  I recommend How to Heal With Color, by Ted Andrews, to learn more about color therapy. 

Book How to Read Your Aura


Ted Andrews (1952-2009) was a highly acclaimed speaker, teacher and author of over 35 books.  I referenced his book How to Read Your Aura in my posts:  Vitalizing & Strengthening Our Aura and Aura Energy Sucking Protection.  This book presents simple and effective techniques for cleansing, strengthening, and protecting your own aura. It shares how you can increase your sensitivity, intuition, boost your energy and improve your health.

I will be featuring other books by Ted Andrews in the future.


energy sucking feels like the eye of a tornadoDo you sometimes feel you have been targeted by the eye of a tornado and all your energy has been zapped?   Do you feel drained around some people?  After visiting on the phone with someone, does your stomach ache or do you feel like you have been punched in the stomach?  Do you have weak boundaries and are unwilling to say “no”, or are you someone’s doormat, or a people pleaser?  YES???  Then you need some protection from energy vampires.  Sounds dark and dramatic.  Energy vampires don’t suck our blood – they zap our energy.  Energy vampires can be friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, or strangers.  They might not even be aware that they are energy suckers, and, at times we might also unknowingly be energy vampires ourselves.

double-terminated quartz for strengthening auraTed Andrews in his book How to Read & See Your Aura, recommends that we take two double-terminated quartz crystal (approximately 2 inches long) and place one in each hand.  They will help stabilize the energy field around the body and rebuild it.  These crystals will also strengthen and supplement your normal energy levels.

fingers touchingto closeenergy circuit

He also shares the following exercise which is very simple.  Sit comfortably in a chair with your ankles crossed (very lady-like).  With your hands resting in your lap, have all the finger tips and thumb on the left and right hand touching.  This posture closes off the circuit of your energy.  At the same time it stops your energy from being zapped by another.  The next time you encounter an energy sucker, REMEMBER this posture.