Resolving 7th Chakra Negativity

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Resolving Crown Chakra Negativity

The Crown Chakra is the most elevated chakra.  The chakras act as a ladder to healing, love, and spirituality, moving up to more refined spiritual energy of the Crown Chakra.  The Positive Archetype is The Guru.  Gurus are people who realize who they are.  They are a cultivation of grace, bliss, gratitude, and acknowledge divine intervention.  The Negative Archetype is the Egotist.  Egotists are people who think their efforts alone carry them through life.  They are arrogant, self-absorbed, and inflexible.

Resolving Crown Chakra Negativity

Location:  At the top of the head.

Function:  The Crown Chakra controls the pineal gland, which sits at the top of the midbrain below  the cerebral hemisphere.  It influences our deep inner cycles, such as sleep, happiness, and tranquility.  Its qualities are bliss, beauty, and spirituality.

Physical Body Energy:  The pineal gland produces melatonin and regulates our body clock.  This center eases physical & emotional pain by releasing endorphins.

Emotional Body Energy:  This energy center wants to cultivate bliss and surrender to ‘WHAT IS’.   This state of bliss is often called transcendence.

Mental Body Energy:  Crown Chakra opens the realm of higher thinking to us.  It develops holistic and universal principles of acceptance, respect, and knowing.

Working Through Crown Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resovling Crown Chakra NEgativing

1.  Open your awareness to a higher power than your limited everyday self.

2.   There is a higher self, which can guide your way, and offer you love and protection.  Take the time to find this within yourself.

3.  Look inside yourself to discover who you are.  Release limited ideas of self so they fall away easily.

4.  Try not to identify with what has name and form.  This is limited and is not who you are.

5.  Read spiritually uplifting books.

6.  Avoid becoming entangled in situations or with people who reject peace.

7.  Explore your true beliefs about life.  Don’t accept what has been handed to you without knowing whether it is right.

8.  Direct your awareness inward for a moment every day to connect with the part of you that is eternal and indelible.  It will guide you through your life if you allow it to.

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Resolving 6th Chakra Negativity

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Resolving Brow Chakra Negativity

The Brow Chakra seeks meaning, truth, and freedom.  Wisdom, discernment, knowledge, and intuition are all qualities of this chakra.  The Positive Archetype is the Wise Person.  Wise people offer the best of their life experience to assist others along the path of growth.  The Negative Archetype is the Intellectual.  This is a person who draws on information from the limited resources of rational, analytic thinking without incorporating either the emotional or spiritual aspects of life.

Resolving Brow Chakra NegativityLocation:  Between the eyebrows, referred to as the Third Eye Chakra.

Function:  It is the control center for the mind. The Brow or “Third Eye” Chakra is the seat of intuition and clairvoyance.  Also this chakra has to do with self reflection and knowing.

Physical Body Energy:  Associated with the pituitary gland, eyes, sinuses, base of skull, temporal lobes. It provides energy to the brain which allows the mind to be active and positive.

Emotional Body Energy:  Regulates our emotional responses.  Gives us permission to experience our feelings—choosing when it is appropriate to express how we feel.

Mental Body Energy: The Brow Chakra formulates our mentality.  It is where we develop understanding for limitations of our own and those of others.   This energy center cultivates forgiveness and gratitude.

Working Through Brow Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resolving Brow Chakra Negativity

1.  Allow your mind to relax.  Overuse leads to worry and obsessions.

2.  Be aware when you are tired and weary.  Do something positive for yourself.

3.  Be willing to move past quick fixes and shallow superficial solutions.

4.  Question anything or any person who negates your innate worth, sense of freedom, or beauty.  Note any abusive patterns in your life and tell yourself, “Never Again.”

5.  Look for the good in each person and each situation.  Make a choice to be as positive and loving as you know how to be.

6.  Stop comparing yourself with others.  Find what is unique about you.

7.  Meet like-minded people by taking courses and workshops to help resolve any fear and loneliness.  Enjoy Uplifting and inspirational books and movies.

8.  Look in the mirror daily and feel love for yourself.

Resolving Crown Chakra Negativity Tomorrow Completes the Seven Major Chakras

Resolving 2nd Chakra Negativity

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Resolving Sacral Chakra Negativity

The Sacral Chakra has to do with life, vitality, self-gratification, and passion.  Sacral’s Positive  Archetype is The Emperor/Empress:  A person who enjoys pleasure, abundance, and enjoyment.  Negative Archetype is The Martyr:  Martyrs deprive themselves of the simple physical pleasures of life.  They are critical, sour, and condemning.

Resolving Sacral Chakra Negativity

Location:  Two inches below the navel.

Function:  The Sacral Chakra’s function is contingent upon the degree we care for and value our own being.  If we feel deserving of good things around us, this chakra opens to receive pleasure and abundance.  If we doubt our right to receive pleasure, this chakra becomes depleted.  It also controls the appetite, and its lesson revolves around knowing what is enough.

Physical Body Energy:   The reproductive organs, which control sexual development.

Emotional Body Energy:  Pleasure, feeling good, deservedness, joy, or feeling bad, envious, and not caring for your body.

Mental Body Energy:  Attitudes of having enough, knowing that you deserve the life you want, enjoyment/well-being, delighting in good health, and distain for suffering.

Working Through Sacral Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resolving Sacral Chakra Negativity

1.  Honor the physical body by giving it enough food, water, rest, and exercise.

2.  Respect the limits of the physical body. Do not become trapped in obsessive acts of exertion and pushing the body beyond its natural limits.

3.  Accept your need for pleasure.  Create enough good experiences to replenish the spirit as well as the body.

4.  Acknowledge the powerful force of human sexuality.  Know what one’s values are regarding it.

5.  Respect the physical world by keeping order, cleanliness, and beauty around your home, office, and places of recreation.

6.  Reflect upon physical energy you put into earning money and the ways that you make financial decisions.

7.  Know that you have appetites and needs.  Give them a place in your experience.

8.  Treat yourself to the joys of life.  Know that you deserve what you say you want.

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Resolving 1st Chakra Negativity

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Resolving 1st Chakra Negativity

Chakras have a positive and negative archetype.  This week we will look at suggestions for resolving negativity of each of our seven major chakras.  Today we start with the Root Chakra—Positive  Archetype is The MotherNurturing, self-sufficient, responsible.  Negative Archetype is The Victim: Lacking energy, empowerment, and life force. 

Resolving 1st Chakra NegativityLocation:  In perineum at the base of the spine, and draws energy from the magnetic field at the earth’s core.  The energy moves up through the feet and legs, energizing blood and tissues in the body.

Function: Stimulates aggressive drives linked to survival.  The Root Chakra holds our genetic inheritance.  In its unconscious state, the Root Chakra carries the attitudes and prejudices formed by family, church, and culture.

Physical Body Energy:  Adrenals activate the kidneys’ fight-or-flight function.

Emotional Body Energy:  Aggression, anger, violence, and jealousy.

Mental Body Energy:  Attitudes of Separation, exclusivity, territory, belonging, and  right to one’s own space.

 Working Through Root Chakra Negativity (based on Ambika Wauters’ book, The Book of Chakras)Resolving 1st Chakra Negativity

1.  Cultivate patience.  When things do not go as planned,  you will not lose energy by being angry or frustrated.

2.  Allow time for things to come around in a positive way.   If you do not succeed in the beginning of a project, rethink it and let things develop.  This would be an excellent time to use a Positive Affirmation to Persevere!

3.  Do what is necessary to remain stable through change.  Develop Meditation Skills and ways to slow down the mind. Learn to live with change.  Be flexible and adaptable.

4.  Be secure in yourself and know that everything will be all right eventually.  Trust in life to see you through the difficult moments.  Do not despair when things do not go well.  Breathe, give yourself time to reflect on what is essential and important.  Make a plan to see your dreams unfold.  Life without a dream is dull.

5.  Be Grateful for the life you have and work to bring as much order into your life as possible. When things do go astray, you have more reserves to fall back on.

6.  Enjoy your Root Chakra’s Balanced Energy being  grounded, centered, healthy, and loving yourself!