Hug A Tree Exercise Revisited

(Post First Published December 20, 2012)

Hug A Tree Exercise RevisitedI  am always amazed what can be found on the internet.  Somehow by accident I landed on a site called ‘How to Hug a Tree’.  This made me very curious, I then actually did research on tree hugging.  WOW!  I guess I am not the only one that hugs trees.  I take daily meditational healing walks, which includes hugging trees.  It is so dear to my heart that I have decided to share some of the benefits below, followed by the Tree Hugging Exercise.

In Matthew Silverstone’s book, Blinded by Science, he reveals the scientific data showing trees improve many health issues such as mental illness, ADHD, depression, the ability to alleviate headaches, reaction time and concentration levels.  He lists countless studies of children who showed significant psychological and physiological improvements in their health and well being when they interacted with plants and trees.  Plants and trees facilitate the cleansing and revitalizing of all the stored up negativity and stress humans experience and give it a place to be absorbed.  Being in their presence realigns our vibrations to be more in alignment with their healing and grounding vibrations.

 Hug A Tree Exercise:

Hug A Tree Revisited Exercise

1.  I encourage you to set aside 15-30 minutes for hugging a tree exercise which includes walking amongst the trees in a quiet park, forest or woodland area.

2.   Select a tree that fits your mood ask permission to hug it and then encircle the tree with your arms while gently pressing your cheek to the trunk.

3.   Let your awareness feel the flow of life energy in the tree and the grounding energy entering through your feet.

4.   When you are ready, turn your back to the tree and lean against it and start bouncing softly.  This is very good for your heart chakra and helping you to sleep better at night.  You can start out only bouncing 15 times and work up to what is comfortable for you.

5.   I have 5 beautiful fir trees in a circle that I bounce 50 times on each one because it helps my sleeping patterns.

6.  Remember to thank the tree or trees when you complete the hugging exercise.