1. Sit comfortably in the position shown or in a chair. Place both hands over the heart chakra.

2. Connect your breath and heart by using the heart beat.

3. It helps to manage pain and stress when meditating on the following four Heart Center attributes:

Heart-Center Meditation

 Heart-Centered Meditation for Pain & Stress             

4. It is recommended to meditate on the Heart Center for five to twenty minutes daily. 

Pink Universal Color of Healing

March 5th, 2013 | Posted by Velda in COLORS

how pink can help calm tension

Pink has an immense soothing effect on the physical, mental, and spiritual body.   It is known to be the universal color of healing and unconditional love.  Pink heals grief and sadness.  It is known to suppress aggression.  The sedating and muscle relaxing effects of pink has been tested in geriatrics, prison reform, adolescent and family therapy.  Pink encourages one to be kind, gentle, compassionate, and approachable.

Add pink color gemstones when you want:

  • calm and serenity
  • neutralize disorder or dampen frustration
  • relaxation
  • acceptance
  • contentment

I wish you all to be “IN THE PINK!”